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4 Oct 2021

  • New article: Door-to-Door Canvassing Results which collates all the major canvassing results that we know of so far
  • Washington - added Skagit County report (outrageous fraud!)
  • Delaware - added Preliminary Audit Results (also alarming!)
  • North Carolina - added Barcode Transparency Issues & Use of Uncertified Machines
  • Kentucky - new comment from Dr. Frank on difficulty getting access to data
  • Seth Keshel reports
    • Florida - two new videos from Seth explaining county statistics
    • Arizona - new video from Seth
    • Texas - new video from Seth
    • Several new upcoming events
  • All state pages now have a link to verifiedvoting.org for more info about what voting equipment was used + other minor tweaks

25 Sep - 3 Oct 2021

Several updates were made during this time period, but due to time constraints we have not yet had a chance to summarize them here.

24 Sep 2021

22 Sep 2021

21 Sep 2021

19 Sep 2021

13 Sep 2021

12 Sep 2021

10 Sep 2021

9 Sep 2021

  • Arizona - updated article to include details about the recently released Voter Canvassing Report, by Liz Harris.

8 Sep 2021

6 Sep 2021

5 Sep 2021

  • Pennsylvania - numerous updates to highlight the status of the audits in the state
  • Wisconsin - added mention of new video by Representative Timothy Ramthun where he explains why there’s 3 separate audits going on in the state
  • Dominion Voting Machines - new details about what’s included in Dominion’s legal contracts with counties
  • Several updates to Seth Keshel’s Reports:
    • Colorado - new chart showing mail-in ballot statistics
    • Illinois - showing Dominion Voting Systems contract
    • North Carolina - showing upcoming events for Seth
    • Texas - a new video on “Why Are Audits So Important In Texas?” as well as some upcoming events/presentations
    • Utah - new chart showing historical growth
    • Virginia - new upcoming event
    • Washington - a few updates on happenings in the state
  • Data Explorer - added mention of USEIP’s Election Data Analyzer Tool to bottom of the page
  • There’s a new Telegram Channels page that lists all channels relating to election integrity and audits.

3 Sep 2021

  • Arizona - small wording tweaks and improvements
  • The Fall of the Bellwether Counties - wording improvements and corrections
  • Released a new tool: NYT Data Explorer which allows you to download the raw New York Times data feeds, as well as see some key stats from each state (and eventually each county)

1 Sep 2021

  • Several updates to Seth Keshel’s Reports:
    • Florida - minor mention that Lake County is showing some movement towards an audit of the election (source)
    • Massachusetts - improved article wording, and added note about Caroline Colarusso’s Investigations
    • Missouri - minor mention that St Charles County is showing some movement towards an audit of the election (source)
    • Pennsylvania - new video posted analyzing Berks County
    • South Carolina - new video recording of Seth’s Presentation in Beaufort, South Carolina
    • Utah - minor formatting improvements, and mention of Seth’s upcoming presentation in Farmington, Utah on Sept 2, 2021. See his Telegram post.

30 Aug 2021

24 Aug 2021

23 Aug 2021

  • Arizona – added note about eyewitness account of possible voter fraud operation happening between Arizona and Georgia, see article
  • Georgia – as above, added note about eyewitness account of possible voter fraud operation happening between Arizona and Georgia, see article
  • Seth Keshel Reports:
    • Georgia - added latest analysis by Seth: a detailed Georgia Voter Roll Analysis report, as well as links to the raw data for anyone interested in looking further
    • Florida - added latest analysis by Seth: a deep dive video on Tampa / Hillsborough County
    • Texas - some cleanup, reformatting and additional explanations of charts, plus a link to further stat analysis (draft version)
    • New Hampshire - reformatted report for easier reading
    • Arizona - added a link to our further statistical analysis (draft version)
    • Colorado - added a link to our further statistical analysis (draft version)
    • New Mexico - added a link to our further statistical analysis (draft version)
    • North Carolina - added a link to our further statistical analysis (draft version)
    • Pennsylvania - added a link to our further statistical analysis (draft version)
    • Washington - added a link to our further statistical analysis (draft version)
    • On some of the Seth Keshel report pages the Telegram videos were not able to be played. We’ve updated some of these with Rumble videos to make viewing easier.

20 Aug 2021

  • Dominion Voting Systems Page - new video and a couple of new points as raised by David Clements at the Cyber Symposium:
    • According to Professor David K. Clements, legal contracts between counties and Dominion specify that county clerks must not cooperate with outside organizations, including auditors. They need to “Let them handle it”. Dominion, strangely, even offer to pay the legal fees in such scenarios.
    • Dominion repeatedly refuse in-depth audits based on the legal defense of “protecting their intellectual property” (IP). They’ve been accused of using this as a way of hiding their malfeasance.
  • Updates to various state pages with latest news and analysis, as well as some wording improvements to help make the statistics more understandable to the average person:
  • Seth Keshel - his powerpoint slides from the Symposium can be downloaded from this Telegram link.

18 Aug 2021

  • Added a bold summary box to the top of the 6 battleground state pages, which provide the key points “at a glance”
  • Greatly expanded the information about forensic audits underway, see:
  • New intro quote from Pat Colbeck on Michigan page
  • Added a link to the US Election Atlas, where election data can be purchased. It appears that this is what Seth is using for his analysis.
  • Added a note to dozens of state pages that most state election and voter registration stats can be obtained from either the Secretary of State website or State Board of Elections.
  • Found an additional investigative report by RealClear Investigations which dives into the controversial Zuckerberg donations. Added this link into a few relevant places.

16 Aug 2021



  • Updated Cyber Symposium Summary with:
    • Links to video replays for all 3 days
    • Telegram/Twitter links for most of the presenters
    • A link to the 50min video where Mike Lindell goes through all 50 states presenting what he believes to be the “real” vote counts
    • Moved most of the notes from the forensic technical session onto its own page, to prevent the “summary” page getting too long
    • Added a link to the video (starting from 2hr 55min mark) for the segment where state legislators each shared an update from their state
    • Several updates to the Day 3 notes, surrounding Mike Lindell’s attack, the reasoning behind not being able to share the packet captures, and the mentioned Presidential Executive Orders.
    • Added a video showing the voting maching hack demonstration
    • New link to the notes and outline from David Clements’ presentation
  • Updates to Seth Keshel’s reports
  • Other minor wording tweaks and corrections

13 Aug 2021

  • Updated Cyber Symposium Day 3
    • Added initial summary and clips
    • Later in the day, additional video clips were added of Joe Oltmann and David K. Clements’ presentations
  • Added raw data URL sources for Kansas and Arizona

12 Aug 2021

11 Aug 2021

9 Aug 2021

  • Update documentaries page. Add link to Patrick Bryne’s “Deep Rig” ebook and mention TheDeepRig.movie is now available for free
  • Update Seth Keshel’s Pennsylvania page with voter registration rolls with analysis on five counties holding an estimated 92,000 extra Biden votes
  • Update Seth Keshel’s South Carolina page with Lynz Piper-Loomis pledge to investigate election fraud
  • Update Georgia
    • New statement from a staff worker at State Farm Arena
    • New links and references
  • Update Michigan with a new section on alleged interference from the Zuckerberg’s
  • Update Pennsylvania
    • New section on alleged interference from the Zuckerberg’s
    • New paragraph highlighting blatant censorship from Twitter
  • Update Wisconsin
    • Mention voter roll cleanup.
    • New section on alleged interference from the Zuckerberg’s
  • Update capital riots
    • Link to detailed list of 540 people arrested and charged in relation to the January 6 riots
    • Link to The Patriot Freedom Project
    • Link to Sidney Powell’s offer of support
  • Update footer with excellent American Voters Alliance site

8 Aug 2021

6 Aug 2021

  • Update Arizona with new links and references
  • Update Georgia with new “VoterGA Ballot Audit” section

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