The opposition against those speaking out against election fraud has become quite intense. Here are a few simple steps to stay anonymous and safer while online:

  1. Use a separate browser for research and communications on these issues. We recommend Firefox, since it leaks less information than Chrome.

    For further safety/security, we recommend that you:

    • Do not login to Google or Facebook in this browser, as they may track you
    • Block tracking cookies via Settings > Privacy > Strict Mode
    • Install these browser extensions: uBlock Origin and EFF Privacy Badger which assist in blocking ads and tracking networks
  2. Whenever possible, search using DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Google is known for detailed tracking of users and also appears to be colluding by suppressing election integrity websites such as ours from search results.

  3. ProtonMail is a great, secure, encrypted alternative to Gmail, Outlook and other email providers
    (although note that they have occasionally been forced to reveal customer IP addresses when legally subpoenaed, so use a VPN, see below)

  4. We recommend using a VPN for all sensitive research and communications. Mullvad VPN is a good option with support for mobiles and desktops. Avoid Express VPN which has been implicated in surveillance scandals.

  5. Install a firewall on your computer, one with outgoing protection, and learn how to use it. For Windows machines TinyWall is quite effective. It blocks all apps (known and unknown) from connecting to the internet unless specifically allowed. This can stop some types of malware and electronic surveillance in their tracks.

  6. Avoid providing personal information wherever necessary, especially your phone number, email address, full name, or anything that can be easily tied to you. One way to hide your email address is through a service like AnonAddy.

    Be aware that anything that can be uniquely identified to you may possibly be used against you: your IP address, credit card number, phone number, email address, social media accounts, etc.

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