We aim to assist genuine and honest inquiries into what happened during the 2020 General Election.

After spending over 8 months collating information and analyzing all the election data we can find, there is no doubt in our minds the election results were compromised.

We are bipartisan — not affiliated with the Democrat nor the Republican party, nor any party for that matter. We simply stand for Truth, Justice, Honesty and Transparency.

The analysis and reports on this website are done by unpaid volunteers in their free time. Before making any inquiries please familiarize yourselves with the following articles first. They will help establish some common understanding before initiating a conversation:



We aim to provide truthful, accurate and honest information to the public. If you have found an error in our analysis we will gladly correct it. You can notify us via the comments section at the bottom of most pages (preferred), Gitlab forum, Twitter, or Telegram.

Also read our statement of humility.

For Grass Root Teams

We can:

  • Provide an initial analysis for your state or county to help you garner support to build a team of volunteers.

  • Assist by helping you focus your efforts on the best counties to canvass first, in order to achieve the best outcome in the smallest amount of time.

  • Provide assistance in compiling the canvassing results into reports and double checking the results.

  • Publish interim (and final) results on our website for the whole country and the world to see.

Establishing fraud, even in smaller counties, vitiates the results for the whole state. When the numbers are wrong in smaller counties, it erodes trust in the legitimacy of counts, processes and equipment used in the larger counties also.

In order to establish your level of commitment we would kindly ask that you provide us with a “Down Ballot” analysis of the counties you are interested in canvassing, when contacting us.

Then reach out via Gitlab (preferred), Email [email protected], Telegram, or Twitter.

For County and State Representatives

We can provide you with the same information we outlined in the “Grass Root Teams” section, above.

Furthermore, if you are able to provide us with historical voter roll records, we will do an in depth analysis and provide you with a report at no cost. (Subject to our availability. Please discuss this with us first.)

We can look at:

  • Historical voting trends by county and affiliation
  • Analyse the registration and voting ratios
  • Surface abnormal voting patterns and suspicious registrants, between elections and between counties

Reach out via Gitlab (preferred), Email [email protected], Telegram, or Twitter.

For Journalists

We are happy to answer queries from honest journalists who are willing to report our findings honestly and truthfully.

The data is saturated with evidence of fraud and wrongdoing.

The articles on this site — especially the Trend Analysis section — explain how to analyze the 2020 election data in great detail. If you need further clarification in covering this “gold mine” of information, we would be glad to assist you in your efforts.

In order to establish goodwill, we would like to see some evidence of your reporting on one or more of the following issues:

  • Democrat officials questioning the results of the 2016 election, and raising concerns about election machine security

  • Maricopa County forensic audit

  • State legislature hearings where statistical and eyewitness evidence was presented

  • Destruction of election materials, logs, and other evidence

  • Other statistical anomalies from the election

If you haven’t published any articles yet on any of the points mentioned above, we would kindly ask you to provide the answers to the tasks discussed in The Fall of the Bellwether Counties and a summary of your findings, with your queries. This demonstrates your level of commitment and understanding, and helps us prioritize inquiries.

Reach out via Gitlab (preferred), Email [email protected], Telegram, or Twitter.

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