Most research into election fraud began in the six battleground or swing states, yet after numerous other states reported integrity issues the research has widened. We’re hoping to expand our coverage to every state in the US. The sections below outline what we know so far about California.


Election Integrity Scorecard

The Heritage Foundation’s Election Integrity Scorecard is an assessment of each state’s voting laws, written regulations and procedures. California was ranked 49th out of 51.

Election Integrity Scorecard

California's Total Score 30%
Voter ID Implementation 20%
Accuracy of Voter Registration Lists 63%
Absentee Ballot Management 10%
Vote Harvesting/Trafficking Restrictions 25%
Access of Election Observers 100%
Verification of Citizenship 0%
Identification for Voter Assistance 0%
Vote Counting Practices 33%
Election Litigation Procedures 0%
Restriction of Same-day Registration 0%
Restriction of Automatic Registration 0%
Restriction of Private Funding of Election Officials or Government Agencies 0%

View the full Scorecard for California

It’s important to note that the scores above reflect the laws, regulations, and processes that exist within the state, but not whether they were actually followed. In the 2020 election, some states with highly-rated election integrity measures did not uphold them. 1 As The Heritage Foundation reminds us, even the best laws are not worth much unless responsible officials enforce them rigorously. It is up to the citizens of each state to make sure that their elected and appointed public officials do just that.

Election Integrity Report

In March 2021, a team of scientists from produced the report “2020 Presidential Election Contrast Analysis” which lists California as the state with the highest number of unexpected Biden votes (by a huge margin).

Read the PDF Report

Seth Keshel’s Trend Analysis

Former US military intelligence officer and statistical analyst Seth Keshel analyzed the trends of voter registrations versus actual votes and discovered alarming anomalies in a number of counties, ones that defy typical historical trends. He has published a report for every state, indicating which counties’ vote counts align with the trend in voter registrations and which have small or large divergences.

Seth Keshel County Trend Map for California

Chart legend: Red = Rampant Fraud, Yellow = Likely/Suspect, Green = Clean

Trump votes Biden votes Other votes
Officially reported results 6006429 (34.3%) 11110250 (63.5%) 384922 (2.2%)
Estimate of potential fraud 1346000 (7.7%)
Estimate of actual result
(with fraud removed)
6006429 (37.2%) 9764250 (60.4%) 384922 (2.4%)

Seth estimates that there may be approximately 1,346,000 votes for Biden in excess of what California registration trends would indicate — a possible indicator of fraud. Counties with the greatest number of excess votes deserve closer inspection.

Seth has listed California’s Fresno, Kern, Orange, and San Bernardino counties as being among the Nation’s Top 100 Worst Counties in terms of abnormal trends during the 2020 election.

View Seth’s National Summary   View Seth’s California Report

Dominion Voting Machines

California used Dominion Voting Machines in at least some counties. Numerous integrity issues have been uncovered with Dominion.

Learn about Dominion

The polling and tabulation equipment used for each county in the US is listed at Verified Voting, although see our disclaimer 2. They also have a detailed database including photographs of the various models of voting equipment. Note that the polling and ballot marking equipment is different to the scanning and tabulation equipment — both need to be highly secure, and in most cases are not.

Voting machines and computerized tabulation equipment have introduced many vulnerabilities and avenues for manipulation in elections. Cybersecurity experts tell us that there is no such thing as a fully secure computer system, and the more complex our voting systems and election systems get, with more moving parts and connections, the more impossible it will be for any state or county to defend against a nation-state-level threat. Local counties running elections can no longer defend against these motivated and well-funded foreign nations. The efficiency gains brought by machines are not reason enough to tolerate the loss of security, accountability, and transparency.

Elections need to return to paper ballots and mechanical or hand counting to minimize the threat of cyber attacks and manipulation by fraud. Let your state representative, county clerk, county commissioners, and Secretary of State know your opinion about this.

The Arizona Ballot Integrity Project is one such initiative promoting new, ultra-secure paper ballots with state-of-the-art security features to prevent fraud and help restore faith in elections. Learn more about the initiative.

2021 Governor Recall Election

During this election on September 14, there were numerous issues reported, including:

  1. Voters turning up at polling places and being told they had already voted 3

  2. Torrance Police recovered more than 300 unopened California recall election ballots inside the vehicle of a suspect who was found passed out in his car, along with a gun and drugs 4

  3. Holes in ballot envelopes that allowed someone to see who the vote was for 5

  4. The ability to shine a torch through the ballot envelope and see who the vote was for 6

  5. 400,000 votes disappeared from the counts during CNN’s live coverage 7

  6. Mail-in ballots being sent to people who no longer live in California and multiple ballots being sent to people 8

Analyst Draza Smith also reported mathematical patterns in the ballot counts that, like the 2020 election, appear to demonstrate the presence of computer algorithms controlling and manipulating the results. Read her initial reports.

It’s also notable that several “election experts” including Harri Hursti (the cybersecurity consultant featured in the Kill Chain and Hacking Democracy documentaries, and auditor of the Windham, New Hampshire election) proposed that the election undergo a risk-limiting audit, even before the election was underway. They raised concerns that since Dominion’s election software was leaked from Colorado, this may pose a risk to California’s elections. 9 Risk-limiting audits select a small batch of ballots to manually review. Unfortunately these types of audits are vulnerable to the selective choosing of “clean” batches where fraud can remain hidden. Being performed by Democrats, these audits are often unlikely to investigate the kinds of election issues that concern Republicans.

California voters are encouraged to verify the status of their recent votes via the California Secretary of State Voter Status Page and also via BallotTrax and immediately report any irregularities.

Get Involved

Volunteers are needed to help verify the irregularities found. One key way this is done is through voter canvassing, with teams analyzing the county and state records and voter rolls, and others going door-to-door to identify whether the records match the actual residents living at the address.

Learn more about Canvassing Volunteer in Your State

Further Updates

Dec 9, 2021

Grassroots groups are looking for voters in California who were told they had already voted in either the 2020 General election or the Newsom Recall election. If that’s you, or someone you know, contact [email protected] and indicate your county.

Election Integrity Groups

State Representatives Supporting Election Integrity & Audits

Following the results of the Maricopa Arizona Forensic Audit, 188 state representatives from 39 states signed a letter asking for forensic audits in all 50 states.

❌ No representatives from California have yet signed the document.

California Congressman Mike Garcia, Congressman Tom McClintock, and Congressman Doug LaMalfa are part of the US Congress Election Integrity Caucus, a group of 55 federal members working together on issues of election integrity to ensure that Americans in every state and territory have confidence in free, fair, accurate, and transparent elections.

Election Audit Groups on Telegram

To join the grassroots efforts in pursuing election integrity and audits of the 2020 election in California, you can join the following groups on Telegram:

For other states, see our Full List of Telegram Channels. has no affiliation with nor any responsibility for these channels. Discern carefully, as some users and even admins of channels have shown obstruction to transparent audits of our elections.

Raw Data

We aim to publish links to both the raw election data and voter registration data for California so that citizens and researchers can analyze this information for themselves.

Show Raw Data Links

Certified Election Results
Currently unknown

In most states, the certified election results are available from the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections. Check their website for details. States are also required by HAVA law to inform the public of how many absentee ballots were both sent and received to uniformed services and overseas voters.
Voter Registration Rolls/Database
Currently unknown

In some states, these are freely available from the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections. Check their website. In other states, voter rolls must be purchased and/or accessed via a signed legal agreement. Some officials are also obstructing access to the rolls, to make auditing difficult. Let us know via Telegram or via the comment section below if you experience issues.
Cast Vote Records Ordros Analytics has collated a repository of Cast Vote Records (CVRs) which list everyone who voted in the Nov 2020 election. Only some counties in some states are represented, but the list is growing.
The New York Times 2020 Election Results Results for all states, with several maps and charts.
Data Explorer Tool Our own tool for inspecting the 2020 New York Times data, including the time-series data of how the counting progressed. Also provides download links for raw JSON or CSV data, including counts for every precinct and county.
US Election Atlas Detailed results for 2020 and previous years. Some data is freely accessible on their website, while some, such as detailed historic results in CSV format, are purchasable for a fee.
This appears to be the source commonly used by Seth Keshel for his analysis, although we have not officially confirmed this.
2020 General Election Data & Research A broad collection of national stats, vote and registration counts, time-series data, voting machine information and manuals, PDF reports, and other research collated by citizen auditors.
Election Night Time-Series Data from Edison

Provides more detail than is available from the New York Times, and includes numerous interactive charts.
Download ZIP of Raw Data
Published by Jeff O’Donnell,
Weekly HAVV SSN Reports

Social Security Administration (SSA) Weekly Data for Help America Vote Verification (HAVV) Transactions by State.
Learn more about this data
Published by Jeff O’Donnell,

If you have additional sources of election data, please let us know via Telegram, Twitter or post a comment below to assist.

Further Leads

Show List of Further Leads

The following list of election allegations and links was collated by with public contributions. Some items have not been reviewed for accuracy, but we provide them below in case they contain important information that we have not covered elsewhere. Remember to use your own discernment.

8,000 voter application submitted by couple on behalf of homeless and the dead Illegal Votes
Discarded Mail-in Ballots Found Outside ATM Discarded or Destroyed Ballots
Arch News station confirms Vote Fraud Unverified
Came across this list shortly after the 3rd Unverified
CA 2020 primary double voters doc read on Breitbart p Unverified
Influenced By China, and corrupted Biden Family Unverified
100% of Ballots in CA do not meet standard required by div 13 Art 1 Sect 13205 Unverified
CA Dominion Vote Anomaly Unverified
This SS was taken shortly after counts were in. It was changed later Unverified
Proof of fixing elections and proof of FBI and USDOJ coverup of election fraud Unverified
Fake drop boxes were set up to eliminate unwanted votes Unverified
Eric Coomer worked for Sequoia voting. Unverified
2014 security audit flags Dominion Voting software as a trojan Unverified
Disavowed Smartmatic relationship with Dominion Voting systems is challenged Unverified
global extermination by 2025 = global bloodbath massacre. Unverified
Court ruled Governor Newsom overstepped his authority. Docket 2:20-cv-01903-SPL. Unverified
Court ruled Governor Newsom overstepped his authority. Docket 2:20-cv-01903-SPL. Unverified
Court ruled Governor Newsom overstepped his authority. Docket 2:20-cv-01903-SPL. Unverified
Dominion purchased Sequoia in 2010 Unverified
Service Dog voted in 2020 election Unverified
How to Hack an SVS Terminal Unverified
SVS Source Code Review 2007 Weaknesses Unverified
LA ballot box set on fire Unverified
2019 Dominion agreement with Santa Clara County allows manual tally adjustment Unverified
We just want to bring this document to you Unverified
Elected officials sign affadavits admitting fixing multiple elections Unverified
California Republican Party Admits It Placed Misleading Ballot Boxes Around St Unverified
The Republican Party set up fake ballot boxes in CA Unverified
Hawthorne - 2 men charged: 8,000 ballot applications 4 fictitious or dead voters Unverified
Instructor at CSU Chico offered extra credit for proof of voting in Unverified
Voter fraud effort to register 8000 homeless people Unverified
Two individuals have been charged with multiple counts of voter fraud Unverified
12/11/2020 - Mark Anthony Gonsalves charged with 18 felony counts of voter fraud Unverified
Nov 12th - Mark Anthony Gonsalves charged with 18 felony counts of voter fraud Unverified
LA Couple charged after submitting thousands of fraudulent voter reg forms Unverified
Cali men charged with 1000s of homeless ballot applications Unverified
Poll Center Results Don't Support Biden Win, County ROV Won't Post Results Unverified
The State does not allow voter to see their vote Unverified
Woman Voted in TX Finds Record of Her Voting via Mail-in Ballot in CA Unverified

Beyond California, additional links of nationwide relevance are available on our Further Leads page.

Footnotes & References

  1. Looking at the nationwide trends over the 2020 election, it became commonplace to stretch or completely ignore the laws for absentee/mail-in ballot eligibility, bulk ballot collection, independent observation, voter ID, signature verification, citizenship verification, removal of inactive/ineligible voters from rolls, voting machine accreditation, retention of election records, transparency of operations, and numerous other laws. Most breaches have not yet been prosecuted. 

  2. Verified Voting has some useful information on their website, however we feel the need to caution visitors about the partisan ties and Democrat influence within the organization. According to The Gateway Pundit: 10

    • Barbara Simons, Board Chair of Verified Voting, was appointed by top-ranking Democrats (Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and later Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer) to the seemingly-corrupt and powerful U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

    • Mark Lindeman, Co-Director of Verified Voting, openly opposed the Maricopa Forensic Audit, yet was chosen to perform the criticized Windham NH Audit.

    • Verified Voting also appear to have hidden the fact that cybersecurity consultant and New Hampshire election auditor Harri Hursti was previously a member of the organization, with all mention of him removed from their website two days after being selected for the audit, without explanation.

    Utilize the VV website with these questionable issues in mind. 

  3. This happened at at least two locations in Woodland Hills, California. The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s office blamed the problem on electronic poll book devices used to check in voters.

  4. Fox 11 News Los Angeles: “Over 300 California recall election ballots discovered in suspect’s vehicle alongside gun, drugs”, Aug 23, 2021. 

  5. Demonstrated in this Video: Gavin Newsom Cheating In Recall Election With Votes Visible Through Envelope, uploaded Aug 20, 2021. 

  6. Shown in a photograph in this Telegram post: 

  7. Video: 350,000 California Recall Votes Vanish on CNN, Sep 15, 2021 

  8. Reported by Twitter users, here. Note that these claims have not been verified. 

  9. Nick Moseder: “HURSTI IS BACK! CA Newsome Recall FIX Is In ALREADY!”, Sep 4, 2021. 

  10. The Gateway Pundit: “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Windham, New Hampshire 2020 Election Audit Was Over Before It Started – Two of Three Auditors Have Conflicts with Pelosi and Schumer”, May 26, 2021. 

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