Number of disputed ballots 221,323 votes (approx.)
Joe Biden’s winning margin 20,682 votes (0.6%)
Wisconsin’s electoral college votes under dispute 10 votes
(36 would need to be flipped for a Trump win)
Independent forensic audit investigation ⏳ Subpoenas issued, awaiting county response

Outstanding Issues

  • Up to 200,000 ballots counted without independent observation

  • Poor identity verification practices

  • Approx. 226,000 absentee votes tainted by illegal solicitation and invalid applications

  • Incomplete/altered ballot certificates

  • 205,000 voters removed from rolls in the months following the election


Key Issues Raised During US Senate Committee Hearing

Absentee voting in Wisconsin is treated quite differently than other parts of the country. The law clearly states that “Results which do not comply with those regulations may not be included in the certified results of any election”, and yet, after an examination of ballots and envelopes:

  • More than 3,000 certificates were incomplete or altered. These were identified during the recount. 1

  • In Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 28,395 people allegedly voted without identification 2

  • 2,000 ballots in Dane and Milwaukee counties were counted despite no clerk initials being present 1

  • Breaches of the “Indefinitely Confined” category. Many voted, without identification, with reasons that were not valid according to law. 28,395 were explicitly identified, including a state elector, poll workers, and many others. 1

  • Madison County created their own system: events in parks, 5 weeks before election, boxes spread around with lax rules, against state laws. 17,271 in this category. Then, in a rather obvious attempt to avoid later scrutiny, the City took those ballots and mixed them in with all the other absentee ballots so that it would be nearly impossible to identify all the illegal votes cast. 1

  • Poor security practices by clerks: 1

    • Pre-printing their initials on ballot certifications
    • Certifying unknown persons
    • Envelopes witnessed by unauthorized poll workers
    • Certifications submitted that failed to indicate in-person voters
    • 386 sealed envelopes opened by clerks after the election in Milwaukee County and others in Dane County
    • Nearly 170,000 ballots cast without a separate application

3 million properly voted in the state of Wisconsin. More than 200,000 identified during this recount, did not, but those votes got counted, and our statute says they should not have been. That, in our view, is a taint on our election in Wisconsin.”

— James R. Troupis, testifying to US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing, examining irregularities in the 2020 Election. 3

  • Vote counting rooms were announced as “closed down”, and yet counting continued, without independent observers present, in violation of law. It’s estimated that up to 200,000 votes may have been counted in this illegal manner. 4

  • A significant number of out of state voters 4

  • A number of votes linked to deceased people (less than most states, but still some) 4

  • Lax absentee ballot rules. Despite rejection from the state’s Supreme Court, the Secretary of State relaxed the rules due to Covid-19. 4 This included:

    • Votes being illegally solicited
    • Absentee votes without applications
    • Absentee votes filled out improperly
    • Absentee votes by people claiming indefinitely confined, while they were out playing sports, etc.

    Approximately 226,000 votes fell into this category, in Dane County and Milwaukee County alone.

Seth Keshel’s Trend Analysis

Former US military intelligence officer and statistical analyst Seth Keshel analyzed the trends of voter registrations versus actual votes and discovered alarming anomalies in a number of counties, ones that defy typical historical trends. He has published a report for every state, indicating which counties’ vote counts align with the trend in voter registrations and which have small or large divergences.

Seth Keshel County Trend Map for Wisconsin

Chart legend: Red = Rampant Fraud, Yellow = Likely/Suspect, Green = Clean

Trump votes Biden votes Other votes
Officially reported results 1610184 (48.82%) 1630866 (49.45%) 57056 (1.73%)
Estimate of potential fraud 139000 (4.2%)
Estimate of actual result
(with fraud removed)
1610184 (51.0%) 1491866 (47.2%) 57056 (1.8%)

Seth estimates that there may be approximately 139,000 votes for Biden in excess of what Wisconsin registration trends would indicate — a possible indicator of fraud. Counties with the greatest number of excess votes deserve closer inspection.

Seth has listed Wisconsin’s Dane, Milwaukee, Rock, and Waukesha counties as being among the Nation’s Top 100 Worst Counties in terms of abnormal trends during the 2020 election.

View Seth’s National Summary   View Seth’s Wisconsin Report

Further Issues

  • Significant statistical anomalies or “red flags” in the election data, including at least one major “vote dump” with an abnormally high swing to Biden that placed him in the lead 5

  • Payments to Native Americans to vote were supposedly “orchestrated by the Biden campaign . . . [with] Visa gift cards, jewelry, and other ‘swag.’” 6

  • In August 2021, ten months after the election, Wisconsin removed 205,000 voters from its official rolls after they were deemed inactive and did not responding to mailings. 7 Donald Trump questioned why this wasn’t done prior to the election. 8 Reportedly, the election commission voted in 2019 to remove voters after the 2021 elections, and decided at a June meeting not to change that decision.

Alleged Interference from Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg

Multiple reports 9 10 11 12 13 accuse charities supported by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife of illegally influencing the 2020 presidential election in multiple states, including Wisconsin. Through their donations of $400 million into charities like The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), millions poured into the key swing states of Michigan 14, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, as well as Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia, in violation of federal law. 12

25 out of the 26 cities and counties that received at least $1 million from CTCL were won by Biden in 2020. 10

Here are the 6 largest CTCL grants in Wisconsin, and who won the county: 10

Having paid poll workers in one district and only minimal volunteers in Republican districts added to the disparity while counting the votes, which could lead to inaccurate tallies.

The American Voter’s Alliance published a detailed investigative report on this issue, as did RealClear Investigations, InfluenceWatch, and Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute.

Arizona legislators are working to ban this practice in the state, and we hope that other states will follow suit.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling

A narrowly divided Wisconsin Supreme Court on Dec 14, 2020 rejected Trump’s lawsuit about an hour before the Electoral College cast Wisconsin’s 10 votes for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. In the 4-3 ruling, the court’s three liberal justices were joined by Hagedorn, who said three of Trump’s four claims were filed too late and the other was without merit. 15

According to James R. Troupis’s testimony to the US Senate Committee, the Wisconsin Supreme Court was urged by Biden campaign not to address any substantive issues. As a result, Troupis reported that:

The [court’s] decision itself is premised not on an analysis of the law, nor the analysis of the claims, [but] an idea that we should not have a transparent system, that does not address these things. It’s a sad day, frankly, when the whole opposition doesn’t argue we’re wrong, it argues we shouldn’t be heard. That’s a strange thing in a state that’s so transparent as ours.”

— James R. Troupis, testifying to US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing, examining irregularities in the 2020 Election. 3

Read the Court’s Full Statement

Further Court Results

As of October 2021, the district, state and supreme courts have ruled on several election fraud issues, while numerous other cases are still open. Some cases were dismissed on legal technicalities, preventing evidence from being presented and considered; but a detailed list of cases and outcomes available here show that at a national level, Trump/Republicans have so far prevailed in 18 out of 25 cases that were decided on the merits of the evidence.

View Court Case Outcomes

Ballot Recounts

Dane and Milwaukee Counties performed recounts at the request of the Trump campaign, involving recounting the ballots, mostly by hand, using a different team of people from those counting on election night. These were completed by Nov 29, 2020, and awarded an extra 87 votes to Trump and 132 to Biden. 16

Read the State Commission’s Report

Note that a recount does not tend to identify chain of custody issues and the alleged injection or manipulation of fraudulent ballots, such as those noted in the above sections.

In response Donald Trump tweeted that “The Wisconsin recount is not about finding mistakes in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally, and that case will be brought after the recount is over, on Monday or Tuesday. We have found many illegal votes. Stay tuned!”

Election Audits

Both the Wisconsin State Assembly and the State Senate commissioned election investigations.

Why are there three audits underway? Representative Timothy Ramthun explains in this Rumble video that the first two are not what the people are demanding.

1. Michael Gableman Investigation

The State Assembly commissioned Michael Gableman, former Supreme Court Justice, assigning him to be Special Counsel, which gives him more authority in carrying out investigations. Gableman attended both the Arizona Forensic Audit and Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, to learn and gather information. 17 His findings have not yet been released.

2. Legislative Audit Bureau

The Senate commissioned the Legislative Audit Bureau to perform an audit investigation, about which not much is publicly known. It’s expected to be finished around fall in 2021.

3. Wisconsin State Assembly Elections Committee Forensic Audits

State Representative Janel Brandtjen (Republican), head of Wisconsin State Assembly’s Elections Committee travelled to Arizona in order to watch the forensic audit in Maricopa County and has led the push for similar forensic audits in Wisconsin.

Around Aug 6, 2021, she issued official subpoenas to two different counties, demanding that they turn over all ballots and voting equipment for the state to conduct a top-to-bottom cyber investigation into the results. 18 19 Earlier this year, the assembly committee voted to give Brandtjen’s committee both investigatory powers as well as the power to issue subpoenas, which she is now doing.

Legislators have been hearing from thousands of disgruntled constituents regarding their concerns with the November 2020 election. From outside money pouring into Democrat controlled communities, to individuals engaging in questionable activities; from improper guidance given to clerks from the Wisconsin Elections Commission, to clerks illegally prompting voters to declare themselves “indefinitely confined”. The list goes on and on.”

“I understand the Legislative Audit Bureau is conducting an audit, however, many constituents have raised objections to it due to the length of time it has taken and the lack of specifics, as it is open-ended.

“I sincerely welcome and applaud these efforts, however, the people of Wisconsin demand and deserve a transparently, full, cyber-forensic audit as described in the subpoenas submitted to both Milwaukee and Brown Counties. The clock is ticking as the 2022 elections will commence in just a matter of months.”

— Rep. Janel Brandtjen, Aug 6, 2021, explaining her reasoning for the subpoenas 18 19

The state’s Elections Commission (a different department to The Campaigns and Elections Committee) has denied some of Brandtjen’s claims about voter registration databases and voter ID checks 20 21 , but their responses do not mention the other issues raised.

The two subpoenas were sent to:

  • Milwaukee County, where results posted early in the morning catapulted Biden to victory in the state (with 69% of the vote), however Republicans have questioned the timing of the release. The clerks say there was nothing suspicious, but that was just how long it took to count the ballots. 19

  • Brown County, which includes city of Green Bay where Trump won with 52% of the vote. Republicans have been accusing the Mayor of Green Bay of letting a Facebook-funded consultant run that city’s election. This consultant had the keys to the city’s ballot counting location. 19

Clerks for these counties must appear before the committee on Sept 7th, 2021 and they must turn over all the ballots, voter names and addresses, election equipment, tabulators, servers, etc.

It’s not clear whether these two counties will readily comply with the subpoenas or whether they will push back and challenge them in court, as happened in Arizona. Milwaukee County has not yet issued a response. Brown County is currently reviewing the subpoena.

While there has been a lot of support for her actions, Democrats have criticized the subpoenas, calling Ms Brandtjen “an enemy of our democratic system”. Minority Leader Gordon Hintz said of the forensic audit: “It really should be viewed as an attack on our country and an attack on our election system”. 19

Why would Democrats describe a forensic audit, done lawfully, as “an attack on our election system?”

State Representatives Janel Brandtjen and Timothy Ranthum continue to lead the efforts towards forensic audits.

Stay tuned as we update this page with major developments.

Get Involved

Volunteers are needed to help verify the irregularities found. One key way this is done is through voter canvassing, with teams analyzing the county and state records and voter rolls, and others going door-to-door to identify whether the records match the actual residents living at the address.

Learn more about Canvassing Volunteer in Your State

You can also contact your state representatives and ask them to thoroughly investigate all credible allegations and ensure forensic audits are pursued to completion, across all necessary counties.

Contact Wisconsin State Representatives

Further Updates

Dec 14, 2021 Wisconsin Rep. Ranthum Submits Bill to Remove Dead Voters From Voter Rolls on a Monthly Basis
Rep. Timothy Ranthum has submitted a bill that would require the Elections Commission to perform regular checks for deceased voters and update the voter rolls on a monthly basis. Failure to comply would result in a Class 1 felony. Ranthum notes, “There are 7.1 million voters on the list when our state has roughly 4.5 million people old enough to vote.”
Liberty Overwatch
Dec 9, 2021 Summary of Wisconsin Voter Roll Anomalies Presented at the WI Campaigns & Election Committee Hearing
Numerous anomalies were highlighted in the election committee hearing, including 121,251 active WI voters having been registered for 110-119 years; 957,977 voters registered as new voters in 2020; 45,665 of these new voters registered with a driver’s license that did not match DMV records; 205,355 active voters with a registration application date of Nov 3, 2020, and more.
Liberty Overwatch
Dec 9, 2021 Wisconsin Campaigns & Election Committee Hearing, Full Video
Full presentations from Janel Brandtjen, Jeff O'Donnell, Dr. Doug Frank, and Erick Kaardal. 2hr 20min video. Free account required.
Dec 5, 2020 Wisconsin Eyewitness: Employee working for the United States Postal Service Ordered to Back Date Ballots
Employee working for the United States Postal Service testified that they were told 100,000 ballots are missing, ordered to back-date ballots, and that there were extensive security cameras at the facilities which should be reviewed.
Rumble Video

State Representatives Supporting Election Integrity & Audits

Following the results of the Maricopa Arizona Forensic Audit, 188 state representatives from 39 states signed a letter asking for forensic audits in all 50 states.

From Wisconsin, only Representative Tim Ramthun has so far signed the document.

Raw Data

We aim to publish links to both the raw election data and voter registration data for Wisconsin so that citizens and researchers can analyze this information for themselves.

Show Raw Data Links

Certified Election Results
Currently unknown

In most states, the certified election results are available from the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections. Check their website for details. States are also required by HAVA law to inform the public of how many absentee ballots were both sent and received to uniformed services and overseas voters.
Voter Registration Rolls/Database
Currently unknown

In some states, these are freely available from the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections. Check their website. In other states, voter rolls must be purchased and/or accessed via a signed legal agreement. Some officials are also obstructing access to the rolls, to make auditing difficult. Let us know via Telegram or via the comment section below if you experience issues.
The New York Times 2020 Election Results Results for all states, with several maps and charts.
Data Explorer Tool Our own tool for inspecting the 2020 New York Times data, including the time-series data of how the counting progressed. Also provides download links for raw JSON or CSV data, including counts for every precinct and county.
US Election Atlas Detailed results for 2020 and previous years. Some data is freely accessible on their website, while some, such as detailed historic results in CSV format, are purchasable for a fee.
This appears to be the source commonly used by Seth Keshel for his analysis, although we have not officially confirmed this.

Additional Misc Wisconsin Data

A collection of other datasets and reports, collated for the purpose of auditing the election results.

2020 General Election Data & Research A broad collection of national stats, vote and registration counts, time-series data, voting machine information and manuals, PDF reports, and other research collated by citizen auditors.
Election Night Time-Series Data from Edison

Provides more detail than is available from the New York Times, and includes numerous interactive charts.
Download ZIP of Raw Data
Published by Jeff O’Donnell,
Weekly HAVV SSN Reports

Social Security Administration (SSA) Weekly Data for Help America Vote Verification (HAVV) Transactions by State.
Learn more about this data
Published by Jeff O’Donnell,

If you have additional sources of election data, please let us know via Telegram, Twitter or post a comment below to assist.

Footnotes & References

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    The report explains that the election data anomolies are “red flags” based on the rate at which votes were added, which is exceedingly high compared to the rate observed at all other time intervals. 

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    See also Navarro’s follow-up reports:
    The Art of the Steal” (Volume 2 of 3)
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  21. The Wisconsin Elections Commission posted a Statement on Recent Election Misinformation, Jul 27, 2021. It covers voter registration database and voter ID checks, but not the other issues raised by Janel Brandtjen. 

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