In 2021 it was discovered that Arizona, Texas, Colorado and numerous other states continued to certify electronic voting systems via Voting System Test Laboratory Pro V&V despite it having no active accreditation during 2020. During this time it certified Dominion, ES&S and ClearBallot voting and tabulation machines for use in the Nov 2020 election. However their accreditation to do so was marred by two significant issues:

  1. The certificate of accreditation had expired 3 years earlier, in Feb 2017. It was not renewed until Feb 2021.

  2. The original certificate of accreditation was signed by an acting EAC Director, not the EAC Chair, as designated by law, meaning their original certificate was likely to be legally invalid.

The US Election Assistance Commission (EAC) tried to cover for this mishap, calling it an “administrative error”, blaming COVID-19 restrictions, and then stating that accreditation “cannot be revoked unless the EAC Commissioners vote to revoke the accreditation”, when actually this contradicts state and federal laws which stipulate that accreditation expires after 2 years unless specifically renewed.

Table: VSTL Labs Not Accredited for Elections

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🚨 This brings into question whether any election conducted using equipment certified by Pro V&V since Feb 2017 was actually legal. County clerks and Secretaries of State may have certified potentially-illegal elections.

Explanatory Video

The following 37min video dives more deeply into the issue, with a focus on Arizona:

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Further Issues

  • The Maricopa, Arizona County Board of Supervisors demanded that any audit of their election be done by an EAC-accredited Voting System Test Laboratory (VSTL), either Pro V&V or SLI Compliance. Yet Pro V&V was not properly accredited prior to the decision to audit, either, but instead was rushed through in time for the audit.

    The board and many mainstream media outlets heavily criticized Cyber Ninjas for being chosen to perform the Senate’s forensic audit of Maricopa County, despite not being EAC-accredited.

    Learn more about the Maricopa Election Audits

  • Several reports 1 2 mention that Jessica Bowers, a former Dominion employee of 10 years, now works for the EAC as their Acting CIO/CISO, raising ethical and conflict-of-interest concerns.

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