Many of the “swing states” experienced unusual and statistically improbably “dumps” or “spikes” during tallying that deserve deeper investigation.

The following three charts were published by Patrick Byrne (a Libertarian who didn’t vote for Trump), who gathered a team of computer specialists to investigate election integrity issues including the notorious one-sided “spikes” and has written extensively about them on his website

Arizona Election Vote Spike Chart

Georgia Election Vote Spike Chart

Michigan Election Vote Spike Chart

Source: “Evidence Grows: ’20 Election Was Rigged” by Patrick Byrne, and also included in his book “The Deep Rig”.

The Vote Spikes Report

For a more in-depth analysis of vote spikes across many states, along with specific stats, timestamps and batch numbers, see the following report:

2020 Presidential Election Startling Vote Spikes: Statistical Analysis of State Vote Dumps in the 2020 Presidential Election
by Eric Quinnell (Engineer); Stan Young (Statistician); Tony Cox (Statistician); Tom Davis (IT Expert); Ray Blehar (Government Analyst, ret’d); John Droz (Physicist); and Anonymous Expert.

Vote Spikes Report by John Droz, jr.

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