Number of disputed ballots At least 130,000 votes
Joe Biden’s winning margin 33,596 votes (2.4%)
Nevada’s electoral college votes under dispute 6 votes
(36 would need to be flipped for a Trump win)
Independent forensic audit investigation ❌ Not yet

Outstanding Issues

  • Over 42,000 people voted more than once

  • 1,500 deceased persons voted

  • 42,000 voter address anomalies

  • 8,952 more votes than individuals recorded as voting

  • Obstruction of audits

  • Courts blocking the presentation of evidence


Key Allegations

The following evidence of election fraud in Nevada was presented to the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Full Committee Hearing, examining irregularities in the 2020 Election, December 16, 2020. Chaired by Senator Ron Johnson. Jesse Binnall presented testimony that:

  • Over 42,000 people voted more than once. Experts reviewed the list of actual voters, comparing it to other voters with the same name, address, and date of birth. They also detected instances of people using different variations of their first name. 1

  • 1,500 dead people were detected as having voted 1

  • 19,000 voted in Nevada even though they didn’t live in Nevada. This was discovered by data matching with US Postal Service’s national change of address database, amongst other sources (taking care to exclude military voters and students). 1

  • 8,000 voted from non-existent addresses 1

  • 15,000 votes came from commercial or vacant addresses (based on US Postal Service’s data on commercial addresses or addresses vacant for more than 90 days) 1

  • 4,000 non-citizens voted, as determined by comparing official DMV (driver’s licence) records of non-citizens 1

  • The legal team were denied further access to perform forensic audits

    “We were denied access to almost anything meaningful that would allow us to verify [results, including] the paper backups for the electronic machines–we were denied any access to those, except from one machine in the entire state of Nevada. We brought forensic experts all the way to Nevada–people that could have discovered this information, people that could have told us what happened with these machines, and we weren’t allowed near them, we weren’t allowed any forensic audit–nothing that could have given us any transparency. That’s what we were denied, in Nevada.” 1

“All in all, experts identified 130,000 unique instances of voter fraud in Nevada, but the actual number is almost certainly higher. This was not statistical sampling, but by analyzing and comparing the list of actual voters with other lists, most of which are publicly available.

“…We can’t pretend we have a clean election when there’s evidence to the contrary.”

— Jesse Binnall, Nevada lawyer 1

“2000 Mules” Reveals Ballot Harvesting Operation

The May 2022 documentary 2000 Mules revealed video evidence of a coordinated, funded, illegal ballot trafficking network across critical swing states including Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Texas.

The documentary explains how True the Vote were able to identify over 2,000 ballot traffickers by obtaining 2 petabytes of geofencing cellphone ping data purchased from brokers. Their threshold for identifying a mule was if they visited at least 10 drop boxes and made at least 5 visits to a non-profit organization which showed evidence of functioning as a ballot “stash house”. They then obtained 4 million minutes of drop box video surveillance footage through FOIA requests which showed the traffickers in action. 2

Learn More About 2000 Mules

Election Integrity Scorecard

The Heritage Foundation’s Election Integrity Scorecard is an assessment of each state’s voting laws, written regulations and procedures. Nevada was ranked 50th out of 51.

Election Integrity Scorecard

Nevada's Total Score 28%
Voter ID Implementation 10%
Accuracy of Voter Registration Lists 53%
Absentee Ballot Management 14%
Vote Harvesting/Trafficking Restrictions 0%
Access of Election Observers 100%
Verification of Citizenship 0%
Identification for Voter Assistance 67%
Vote Counting Practices 67%
Election Litigation Procedures 0%
Restriction of Same-day Registration 0%
Restriction of Automatic Registration 0%
Restriction of Private Funding of Election Officials or Government Agencies 0%

View the full Scorecard for Nevada

It’s important to note that the scores above reflect the laws, regulations, and processes that exist within the state, but not whether they were actually followed. In the 2020 election, some states with highly-rated election integrity measures did not uphold them. 3 As The Heritage Foundation reminds us, even the best laws are not worth much unless responsible officials enforce them rigorously. It is up to the citizens of each state to make sure that their elected and appointed public officials do just that.

Court Cases

Lawyer Jesse Binnall has testified that:

  • Nevada’s lower court used technicalities to limit the presentation of evidence and limit the amount of witnesses we could bring forward saying that we “couldn’t introduce any live testimony but only 15 depositions … only 15 depositions to show 130,000 instances of voter fraud 1

  • When it later went to the Supreme Court of Nevada they “gave us two hours to brief the issues before immediately coming down with a decision. We were never fully considered by those courts.” 1

As of October 2021, the district, state and supreme courts have ruled on several election fraud issues, while numerous other cases are still open. Some cases were dismissed on legal technicalities, preventing evidence from being presented and considered; but a detailed list of cases and outcomes available here show that at a national level, Trump/Republicans have so far prevailed in 18 out of 25 cases that were decided on the merits of the evidence.

View Court Case Outcomes

Seth Keshel’s Trend Analysis

Former US military intelligence officer and statistical analyst Seth Keshel analyzed the trends of voter registrations versus actual votes and discovered alarming anomalies in a number of counties, ones that defy typical historical trends. He has published a report for every state, indicating which counties’ vote counts align with the trend in voter registrations and which have small or large divergences.

Seth Keshel County Trend Map for Nevada

Chart legend: Red = Rampant Fraud, Yellow = Likely/Suspect, Green = Clean

Trump votes Biden votes Other votes
Officially reported results 669890 (47.67%) 703486 (50.06%) 31900 (2.27%)
Estimate of potential fraud 100000 (7.1%)
Estimate of actual result
(with fraud removed)
669890 (51.3%) 603486 (46.2%) 31900 (2.4%)

Seth estimates that there may be approximately 100,000 votes for Biden in excess of what Nevada registration trends would indicate — a possible indicator of fraud. Counties with the greatest number of excess votes deserve closer inspection.

Seth has listed Nevada’s Clark and Washoe counties as being among the Nation’s Top 100 Worst Counties in terms of abnormal trends during the 2020 election.

View Seth’s National Summary   View Seth’s Nevada Report

Vote Count Irregularities

In August 2021, reports emerged that there were 8,952 more votes counted than were officially cast. 15 of Nevada’s 17 counties certified more ballots cast than there were individual voters recorded as voting. Clark (5,869 more) and Washoe (2,191) had the largest discrepancies, according to the analysis. 4

Data is being published online at where visitors are be able to “crowd-source” any errors.

Alleged Interference from Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg

Multiple reports 5 6 7 8 9 10 accuse charities supported by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife of illegally influencing the 2020 presidential election in multiple states, including Nevada. Through their donations of $400 million into charities like The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), millions poured into the key swing states of Michigan 11, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, as well as Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia, in violation of federal law. 8

25 out of the 26 cities and counties that received at least $1 million from CTCL were won by Biden in 2020. 6

Zuckerbucks / Zuckerberg donations to swing states 2020

Zuckerberg donations through the CTCL to the key swing states. Source: US Representative Tenny, Dec 21, 2021

CRC traced $2,671,515 to two of Nevada’s 17 counties, accounting for 2.74 million of the state’s 3 million residents. 12 These two counties, Clark (centered on Las Vegas) and Washoe (centered on Reno), were the only Nevada counties Democrat Joe Biden won in 2020 and accounted for 649,980 votes, or 92.4 percent of all his votes statewide. 13

Having paid poll workers in one district and only minimal volunteers in Republican districts added to the disparity while counting the votes, which could lead to inaccurate tallies.

The American Voter’s Alliance published a detailed investigative report on this issue, as did RealClear Investigations, InfluenceWatch, and Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute.

As of March 2022, twelve states have either banned or severely restricted the acceptance and use of private funds for state and local elections: AZ, AK, FL, GA, ID, IN, KS, MS, ND, OH, TN, and TX. Another 5 states have passed anti-Zuckerbucks legislation that is awaiting a Republican governor’s signature: AL, OK, SD and VA. We’re hoping that more will soon follow suit.

Bloated Voter Rolls

In Oct 2020, a month before the election, Judicial Watch released a study that found 353 US counties in 29 states had voter registration rates exceeding 100% of the eligible voting-age citizens.

In Nevada the following counties exceeded 100%:
Storey County (108%); Douglas County (105%); Nye County (101%)

While this could be a symptom of poor clean-up of voter rolls — where voters that have died or moved interstate are left on the rolls for extended periods of time — it creates significant opportunity for fraudulent ballots to be submitted under the names of expired voters, making them appear legitimate. This was made even easier with the prevalence of mail-in ballots and widespread abandonment of voter ID rules which occurred in many states during the 2020 election.

The door-to-door canvassing across numerous states is proving that “phantom votes” were indeed counted for certain voters who were registered but did not themselves submit a ballot.

Research is also underway to explore disconcerting cases in some states whereby voter rolls appear to have been deliberately padded with false, duplicated, or expired records, possibly for the purpose of providing cover for fraudulent ballots. This is evidenced by graphing the changes to voter rolls over time and observing patterns which appear algorithmically-generated rather than organic, and then drilling down to identify specific anomalous records. We hope to release more findings on these anomalies in the coming weeks.

Get Involved

Volunteers are needed to help verify the irregularities found. One key way this is done is through voter canvassing, with teams analyzing the county and state records and voter rolls, and others going door-to-door to identify whether the records match the actual residents living at the address.

Learn more about Canvassing Volunteer in Your State

You can also contact your state representatives and ask them to thoroughly investigate all credible allegations and ensure forensic audits are pursued to completion, across all necessary counties.

Contact Nevada State Representatives

Further Updates

Mar 17, 2022

Nevada Secretary of State candidate Jim Marchant explains how the “County Commissioner Strategy” led to Nye County’s decision to return to paper ballot voting. Marchant said that his team avoided discussions of outright fraud. “We just showed them how vulnerable these machines are and how uncertifiable they are.” Marchant thinks he can get the other 15-16 counties to come around to “Amish” voting, although Washoe and Clark are going to be the hardest.

Liberty Overwatch

State Representatives Supporting Election Integrity & Audits

Following the results of the Maricopa Arizona Forensic Audit, 188 state representatives from 39 states signed a letter asking for forensic audits in all 50 states.

From Nevada, only Assemblyman Jim Wheeler has so far signed the document.

The US Congress Election Integrity Caucus — a group of 55 federal members working together on issues of election integrity — has no members from Nevada.

Raw Data

We aim to publish links to both the raw election data and voter registration data for Nevada so that citizens and researchers can analyze this information for themselves.

Show Raw Data Links

Certified Election Results
Currently unknown

In most states, the certified election results are available from the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections. Check their website for details. States are also required by HAVA law to inform the public of how many absentee ballots were both sent and received to uniformed services and overseas voters.
Voter Registration Rolls/Database
Currently unknown

In some states, these are freely available from the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections. Check their website. In other states, voter rolls must be purchased and/or accessed via a signed legal agreement. Some officials are also obstructing access to the rolls, to make auditing difficult. Let us know via Telegram or via the comment section below if you experience issues.
Cast Vote Records Ordros Analytics has collated a repository of Cast Vote Records (CVRs) which list everyone who voted in the Nov 2020 election. Only some counties in some states are represented, but the list is growing.
The New York Times 2020 Election Results Results for all states, with several maps and charts.
Data Explorer Tool Our own tool for inspecting the 2020 New York Times data, including the time-series data of how the counting progressed. Also provides download links for raw JSON or CSV data, including counts for every precinct and county.
US Election Atlas Detailed results for 2020 and previous years. Some data is freely accessible on their website, while some, such as detailed historic results in CSV format, are purchasable for a fee.
This appears to be the source commonly used by Seth Keshel for his analysis, although we have not officially confirmed this.

Additional Misc Nevada Data

A collection of other datasets and reports, collated for the purpose of auditing the election results.

2020 General Election Data & Research A broad collection of national stats, vote and registration counts, time-series data, voting machine information and manuals, PDF reports, and other research collated by citizen auditors.
Election Night Time-Series Data from Edison

Provides more detail than is available from the New York Times, and includes numerous interactive charts.
Download ZIP of Raw Data
Published by Jeff O’Donnell,
Weekly HAVV SSN Reports

Social Security Administration (SSA) Weekly Data for Help America Vote Verification (HAVV) Transactions by State.
Learn more about this data
Published by Jeff O’Donnell,

If you have additional sources of election data, please let us know via Telegram, Twitter or post a comment below to assist.

Further Leads

Show List of Further Leads

The following list of election allegations and links was collated by with public contributions. Some items have not been reviewed for accuracy, but we provide them below in case they contain important information that we have not covered elsewhere. Remember to use your own discernment.

42,248 voters voted twice Illegal Votes
8,000 ballots cast with addresses that are physically non-existent Illegal Votes
1,500 voters were listed as deceased by the Social Security Administration Illegal Votes
6,000 voters who had U.S. Postal Service “flags” on “vacant addresses.” Illegal Votes
223,000 intractable mail-in ballots sent to wrong addresses Illegal Votes
15,000 Nevada voters suspected to have also voted outside state Illegal Votes
6,000 illegal votes in NV, according to NV District Attorney Illegal Votes
3,000 instances of alleged voter fraud filed with AG by Nevada GOP Illegal Votes
Signature inspectors told only 1 letter needs to appears to match Polling Place Irregularities
Polling place illegally handed out handed out gift cards for absentee ballots Polling Place Irregularities
89% failure rate with verifying signatures in Clark county Polling Place Irregularities
NV whistleblower describes Biden van vote factory Polling Place Irregularities
200,000 ballots counted without human verification Polling Place Irregularities
Paper Ballots Illegally Transported by Married Couples Unverified
Signatures for In-Person Voting Do NOT Match Unverified
Ballots Issued to Ineligible Voters Unverified
Voter Data Changed without Voter Consent Unverified
14K New Registrations Not Verified for Citizenship Unverified
Posted confidential voter information on website. Unverified
Signatures Not Verified According to NRS293 Unverified
Missing ballot. NV Voter ID 501369 Unverified
Jesse Binnall's Opening Statement On Election Fraud In Nevada Unverified
Nevada counties have voter registration rates exceeding 100% Unverified
Nevada just got interesting: 40,000 ballots look fraudulent Unverified
Election Glitch(trump loss????) Unverified
this is interesting Unverified
Nevada CD3 voter registration list irregularities Unverified
NV Judge Agrees to Hear Evidence of Alleged Voter Fraud Unverified
Nevada Judge agreed to let the Trump campaign present evidence of fraud Unverified
Nevada Native Vote Project provides food and raffle prizes in exchange for votes Unverified
Signature verification machine manually reduced to 40% accuracy Unverified
Voting macines down in TRump stronghold Unverified
Nevada: Counting DUPLICATE Voters, Contested Ballots, Unregistered Voters Unverified
Nevada has more presidential votes than total ballots cast Unverified
77,982 more votes than casted ballots Unverified
77,982 more presidential votes than total ballots cast in Nevada Unverified
Abigail Marone's reporting on Corrupt Cash-For-Vote in Tribal Nevada Unverified
BREAKING: @AdamLaxalt says 15,000 people voted in Nevada and another state. Unverified
Witness to the delivery of boxes of Biden-Harris ballots Unverified
140k ballots mailed to non-citizens Unverified
Voters allowed to vote as long as proof of an upcoming appointment at DMV Unverified
Former Nevada Attorney General talks about Voting irregularities on Video Unverified
Jill Stoke, Nevada Residence, says mail in ballot stolen Unverified
Whistleblower told to ignore signature matches Unverified
Whistleblower says Clark County workers fabricated residence data Unverified
Computer Vision experts say manually lowering signature makes it unreliable Unverified
People sending ballots in other people's names. Unverified
Out of state voters, vote in Nevada Presidential race Unverified
Nevada dead people rise from grave to cast vote for biden Unverified
Illegal Nevada Voters Told to Register AFTER Casting Ballots Unverified
Whistleblower told to count ballots lacking requisite signatures to be eligible Unverified
Poll worker: envelopes ripped open & ballots marked up near Biden-Harris van Unverified
Clake County Nevada throws out local election Unverified

Beyond Nevada, additional links of nationwide relevance are available on our Further Leads page.

Footnotes & References

  1. Jesse Binnall, lawyer. (around 15:15 mark, onwards). Read his full statement (PDF). This was during the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Full Committee Hearing, see 14.

    His conclusion was that:

    “Thousands upon thousands of Nevada voters had their voices cancelled out by election fraud and invalid ballots, legislators made drastic changes to election law, and evidence from data scientists and brave whistleblowers confirms this.

    “We cannot ignore voter fraud away we can’t just wish it away unfortunately that’s what the media these past weeks has been trying to do in the most biased reporting I think I’ve ever seen—even in headlines they try to claim that the evidence I’ve seen with my own eyes is somehow not there. We can’t wish it away, it is just simply right now a gaslighting attempt on America. This is real, this happened, and we have to address it.”  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  2. Nick Moseder: “Is ‘2000 Mules’ An Absolute Game Changer?”, May 3, 2022 

  3. Looking at the nationwide trends over the 2020 election, it became commonplace to stretch or completely ignore the laws for absentee/mail-in ballot eligibility, bulk ballot collection, independent observation, voter ID, signature verification, citizenship verification, removal of inactive/ineligible voters from rolls, voting machine accreditation, retention of election records, transparency of operations, and numerous other laws. Most breaches have not yet been prosecuted. 

  4. Silver State Times: “More votes counted than cast in Nevada 2020 General Election, analysis of voting files shows”, Aug 5, 2021. 

  5. American Voters Alliance & The Amistad Project: “The Legitimacy and Effect of Private Funding in Federal and State Electoral Processes”, Dec 14, 2020. 

  6. InfluenceWatch: “Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL)”  2

  7. RealClear Investigations: “How Zuckerberg Millions Paid for Progressives to Work With 2020 Vote Officials Nationwide”, May 26, 2021. The article outlines many of the specifics about how the funds were spent. 

  8. 39 Election fraud witnesses take case to Michigan Supreme Court, one alleges outside influence by Zuckerberg funded charities”, The Sara Carter Show, Dec 3, 2020  2

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  10. US Representative Claudia Tenney: “New Information Confirms Zuckerberg-Connected Group Funneled Majority of Election Payments to Democrat-Leaning Counties”, Dec 20, 2021 

  11. See also our Michigan Report for more about Zuckerberg’s interference there, including a legal case taken to the Supreme Court. 

  12. Hayden Ludwig. “How CTCL Helped Biden in Arizona and Nevada”, Capital Research Center, January 22, 2021. 

  13. For a complete list of grants discovered in Nevada, see this data (current as of January 2021):  

  14. US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Full Committee Hearing, examining irregularities in the 2020 Election, December 16, 2020. Chaired by Senator Ron Johnson. Summary video available at, additional full testimonies available at

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