Number of disputed ballots 500,000 votes (approx.)
Joe Biden’s winning margin 81,660 votes (1.2%)
Pennsylvania’s electoral college votes under dispute 20 votes
(36 would need to be flipped for a Trump win)
Independent forensic audit investigation ❌ Process was begun, but stonewalled by Senate President Corman

Outstanding Issues

  • Poor (and illegal) security controls for mail-in ballots

  • 170,830 more votes counted than individuals recorded as voting

  • Unobserved ballot counting

  • A large, questionable batch of 580,000 ballots that went 99.5% to Biden

  • No chain of custody documentation

  • A trailer containing 144,000–288,000 completed ballots disappeared, mysteriously

  • Lack of transparency

  • Conflicting records of absentee ballot numbers (including mysterious changes to the numbers, post-election)

  • Significant statistical anomalies

  • Courts blocking the presentation of evidence


Key Allegations

  • The state supreme court permitted lax security controls for mail-in ballots, contravening the US constitution 1 2

  • The state’s DoS/SURE system records indicate that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted, and yet 6,962,607 total ballots were cast (a discrepancy of 202,377 votes). 6,931,060 of these were eventually counted in the presidential race (a discrepancy of 170,830). 3 4

  • 882,777 ballots were entered without any independent observation (uninspected), against the law of Pennsylvania - all done in the middle of the night, when Biden was behind by 600,000 votes. 5

  • Significant statistical anomalies. See below for examples.

  • Ballot counts reached impossible numbers, and were later corrected without transparent explanation 1

  • In the early morning hours after election night, the votes for Joe Biden increased by 578,014 while Trump’s only increased 3,290 during that same period (a ratio of 99.5% to Biden, 0.5% to Trump). 5 This has not been explained.

  • A USPS-contracted trucker alleged in a sworn affidavit that he transported about 144,000 to 288,000 completed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania on Oct. 21 and the trailer disappeared. He wasn’t given any notice about his trailer. “The next day, it just got weirder. As I arrived at the Lancaster USPS with my tractor, I went to hook up to my trailer and the trailer was gone,” Jesse Morgan said in a media statement. 6

  • The day prior to the election, ballot records indicated that 2.7 million ballots had been sent out. The day after the election, this number mysteriously increased by 400,000. This also has not been explained. 1

  • So-called “naked ballots”—mail-in/absentee ballots arriving without being sealed in an envelope, as required by law—were a major problem. 3

  • 75,505 ballots were added to the data 12 days after the election, with no explanation 1

  • 154,585 ballots were either dated impossibly early, or mailed too late, and yet were still counted 1

  • 1,573 ballots came from voters over 100 years old 1

  • Attempts by state and federal members to obtain data have been obstructed 1

  • Courts have refused to hear the evidence 5

  • Philadelphia has had the nation’s highest rates of fraud during past elections and deserves critical examination 5

Senate Committee Report by Francis X. Ryan 1

On December 16, 2020, the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs held a full committee hearing, examining irregularities in the 2020 Election. Representing Pennsylvania, Francis X. Ryan stated:

The mail in-ballots system for the general election of 2020 in Pennsylvania was so fraught with inconsistencies and irregularities that the reliability of the mail-in votes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is impossible to rely upon.”

— The Honorable Francis X. Ryan, State Representative, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1

Francis X. Ryan also submitted the following specific concerns:

1. State Supreme Court undermining of authenticity controls

Pennsylvania supreme court undermined the controls inherent in Act 77 of 2019 which included:

  • Extended mail-in ballot deadline to 3 days after election 7
  • Mandated that ballots mailed without a postmark would be presumed to be received
  • Allowed use of drop-boxes for collection of votes
  • Skipped authentication of mail-in ballots, treating them dissimilarly and eliminating a critical safeguard against fraud

It’s believed that relaxing these controls permitted the issues that follow.

2. Counting irregularities, and lack of oversight controls

“At the county level the pattern of inconsistencies is easily seen. For instance, Over-vote in Philadelphia County – On November 4th at 11:30am, the Department of State (DOS) posted updated mail in vote counts for Philadelphia County. The number of ballots reported to have been counted was an impossible 508,112 ballots despite the fact that only 432,873 ballots had been issued to voters in that county. Later that day, the ballots counted number was reduced but this begs the question, who had the authority to add and subtract votes on the ballot counts reported to the Department of State? Even if this was simply a data entry error, the lack of internal controls over such reporting necessitates a review of the numbers, the process and system access.” 1

3. Unexplained changes in ballot records

“Additionally, in a data file received on November 4, 2020, the Commonwealth’s PA Open Data sites reported over 3.1 million mail in ballots sent out. The CSV file from the state on November 4 depicts 3.1 million mail in ballots sent out but on November 2, the information was provided that only 2.7 million ballots had been sent out. This discrepancy of approximately 400,000 ballots from November 2 to November 4 has not been explained.

“Furthermore, a newly available voter dataset available on which had been offline for weeks indicated that it was last updated on 11/16/2020. The download of 11/16 shows 75,505 more ballots returned on 11/16 than the download from 11/15. Therefore, from 11/15 to 11/16, 75,505 ballots were added to the dataset with no explanation.”

“Due to the magnitude of the potential discrepancies and closeness to the elections the results of the 2020 presidential election of pennsylvania would just be completely difficult if not impossible to determine with conclusiveness.”

4. Ballots with invalid dates

“Mail Date irregularities to include ballots mailed before the ballot was finalized, ballots mailed late and ballots mailed inconsistent with enacted legislation relative to mail in ballots: 154,584 ballots.”

5. Number of votes over 100 years old

“Voter Date of Birth irregularities: (voters over age 100): 1573 ballots”

6. Lack of transparency

“Before and after the election of November 3, 2020, the efforts by the State Government Committee and other members of the PA Legislature to obtain oversight information and relevant data to confirm or deny claims of improprieties were stymied. For instance, a hearing sought by Dominion Voting Systems with the State Government Committee of the PA House, which was scheduled for November 20, 2020, was cancelled by Dominion at the last-minute citing litigation concerns. Right to know requests were similarly not responded to except by delay from the Executive Branch until well into January 2021.”

“Without knowing the answer to these questions and due to the magnitude of the discrepancies and the closeness of the election, the results of the 2020 presidential election in Pennsylvania cannot be conclusively determined.”

“2000 Mules” Reveals Ballot Harvesting Operation

The May 2022 documentary 2000 Mules revealed video evidence of a coordinated, funded, illegal ballot trafficking network across critical swing states including Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Texas.

The documentary explains how True the Vote were able to identify over 2,000 ballot traffickers by obtaining 2 petabytes of geofencing cellphone ping data purchased from brokers. Their threshold for identifying a mule was if they visited at least 10 drop boxes and made at least 5 visits to a non-profit organization which showed evidence of functioning as a ballot “stash house”. They then obtained 4 million minutes of drop box video surveillance footage through FOIA requests which showed the traffickers in action. 8

Mules identified: 1,150
Drop boxes involved: 45
Estimated illegal votes: 275,000

This massive number of votes was more than enough in itself to tip Pennsylvania’s election outcome where Biden supposedly won by 81,660 votes.

Learn More About 2000 Mules

Statistical Anomalies

Pennsylvania 2020 Voter Analysis Report

For a detailed analysis of the statistics and anomalies uncovered within the 2020 election in Pennsylvania, we recommend reading this report, provided by

  • John R. Lott, the Senior Advisor for Research and Statistics at the US Department of Justice, wrote a paper that outlines several major statistical issues, especially within Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties. 9 As one example, he notes that Trump’s percentage of absentee votes was 3.4% lower in Allegheny County border precincts (where fraud is alleged to have occurred) compared with precincts just across the street in neighboring counties.

  • Convoluted election data that appeared to show four instances where votes were subtracted from the totals, and another four batches (or “vote dumps”) where the counts were abnormally weighted towards Biden 10

  • After finding large statistical impossibilities in Georgia 11, Mathematician Edward Solomon found that Pennsylvania also had similar indications of a fraudulent algorithm, although with a few twists.

    His detailed report and affidavit alleges that hundreds of ballot batch tallies across multiple precincts had mathematically improbable results, which suggests there may have been a fraudulent computer algorithm switching votes to reach a specific target fraction. The algorithm appeared to be switched on for short periods, and then switched off and moved to another precinct to avoid detection. He predicts that 124,649 votes were stolen from President Trump using this method in these four counties alone: Allegheny, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia.

  • A declaration and a photo suggest that a poll worker used an unsecured USB flash drive to dump an unusually large cache of votes onto vote tabulation machines. The resultant tabulations did not correlate with the mail-in ballots scanned into the machines. [Unverified] 12

  • Mathematician Bobby Piton, who testified at an election integrity hearing in Arizona (Nov 30, 2020) also later examined voting data from Pennsylvania. 13 He reported that out of 9 million records:

    • There were 521,879 unique last names (an unusually high number)
    • Of those, 245,033 or just under 47 percent of the total “only belong to 1 and only 1 person!” In other words, these people have “no parents, siblings, aunts, uncles or cousins that share this particular last name,” Piton noted.
  • has also reviewed the voting and registration trends from 2000 to 2020 and noted anomalies in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, among others. Read our article that explains the method and the observations.

Eyewitness Accounts

The following 20min video contains a number of eyewitness testimonies of fraud witnessed in Pennsylvania:

Source: Election Investigation Law

Seth Keshel’s Trend Analysis

Former US military intelligence officer and statistical analyst Seth Keshel analyzed the trends of voter registrations versus actual votes and discovered alarming anomalies in a number of counties, ones that defy typical historical trends. He has published a report for every state, indicating which counties’ vote counts align with the trend in voter registrations and which have small or large divergences.

Seth Keshel County Trend Map for Pennsylvania

Chart legend: Red = Rampant Fraud, Yellow = Likely/Suspect, Green = Clean

Trump votes Biden votes Other votes
Officially reported results 3378263 (48.8%) 3459923 (50.0%) 83038 (1.2%)
Estimate of potential fraud 504000 (7.3%)
Estimate of actual result
(with fraud removed)
3378263 (52.6%) 2955923 (46.1%) 83038 (1.3%)

Seth estimates that there may be approximately 504,000 votes for Biden in excess of what Pennsylvania registration trends would indicate — a possible indicator of fraud. Counties with the greatest number of excess votes deserve closer inspection.

Seth has listed Pennsylvania’s Allegheny, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Erie, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Westmoreland, and York counties as being among the Nation’s Top 100 Worst Counties in terms of abnormal trends during the 2020 election.

View Seth’s National Summary   View Seth’s Pennsylvania Report

Election Integrity Scorecard

The Heritage Foundation’s Election Integrity Scorecard is an assessment of each state’s voting laws, written regulations and procedures. Pennsylvania was ranked equal 19th out of 51.

Election Integrity Scorecard

Pennsylvania's Total Score 63%
Voter ID Implementation 50%
Accuracy of Voter Registration Lists 67%
Absentee Ballot Management 62%
Vote Harvesting/Trafficking Restrictions 100%
Access of Election Observers 100%
Verification of Citizenship 0%
Identification for Voter Assistance 100%
Vote Counting Practices 100%
Election Litigation Procedures 33%
Restriction of Same-day Registration 100%
Restriction of Automatic Registration 100%
Restriction of Private Funding of Election Officials or Government Agencies 0%

View the full Scorecard for Pennsylvania

It’s important to note that the scores above reflect the laws, regulations, and processes that exist within the state, but not whether they were actually followed. In the 2020 election, some states with highly-rated election integrity measures did not uphold them. 14 As The Heritage Foundation reminds us, even the best laws are not worth much unless responsible officials enforce them rigorously. It is up to the citizens of each state to make sure that their elected and appointed public officials do just that.

Dr. Doug Frank’s Analysis

Dr. Douglas Frank discovered a strange algorithmic pattern that enabled him to accurately predict voter registration by age and voter turnout by age with a very high degree of accuracy (a correlation of 0.996).

The same, exact algorithm (or “key” as Frank calls the mathematical formula) used in one county could be applied to many other counties in Pennsylvania to predict their voter registration and turnout by age, too.

Dr. Frank has performed his analysis on at least 17 other states and has found the same disturbing pattern where he is able to predict the voter turnout rate for every age bracket in many counties based only on US Census Bureau data.

Having registration and turnout rates that repeatedly reflect a common mathematical formula across numerous demographically-unique counties is an indication that voter rolls and votes themselves may have been illegally manipulated via a computer algorithm. In all cases where this has occurred, we believe a forensic audit of the ballots, software logs, election records, and voter rolls is highly necessary.

Learn More About Dr. Frank’s Analysis View Dr. Frank’s Report on Pennsylvania

Audit The Vote PA’s Anomalies By County

A helpful explanation on how to understand the county data above is provided in this YouTube video.

Dominion Voting Machines

Pennsylvania used Dominion Voting Machines in at least some counties. Numerous integrity issues have been uncovered with Dominion.

Learn about Dominion

The polling and tabulation equipment used for each county in the US is listed at Verified Voting, although see our disclaimer 15. They also have a detailed database including photographs of the various models of voting equipment. Note that the polling and ballot marking equipment is different to the scanning and tabulation equipment — both need to be highly secure, and in most cases are not.

Voting machines and computerized tabulation equipment have introduced many vulnerabilities and avenues for manipulation in elections. Cybersecurity experts tell us that there is no such thing as a fully secure computer system, and the more complex our voting systems and election systems get, with more moving parts and connections, the more impossible it will be for any state or county to defend against a nation-state-level threat. Local counties running elections can no longer defend against these motivated and well-funded foreign nations. The efficiency gains brought by machines are not reason enough to tolerate the loss of security, accountability, and transparency.

Elections need to return to paper ballots and mechanical or hand counting to minimize the threat of cyber attacks and manipulation by fraud. Let your state representative, county clerk, county commissioners, and Secretary of State know your opinion about this.

The Arizona Ballot Integrity Project is one such initiative promoting new, ultra-secure paper ballots with state-of-the-art security features to prevent fraud and help restore faith in elections. Learn more about the initiative. has also provided a separate list of all the voting machines used in the state, along with an explanation video:

View Voting Machine List

Alleged Interference from Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg

Multiple reports 16 17 18 19 20 21 accuse charities supported by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife of illegally influencing the 2020 presidential election in multiple states, including Pennsylvania. Through their donations of $400 million into charities like The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), millions poured into the key swing states of Michigan 22, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, as well as Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia, in violation of federal law. 19

25 out of the 26 cities and counties that received at least $1 million from CTCL were won by Biden in 2020. 17

In Pennsylvania, donations were dispersed in a seemingly partisan way: 16

Counties previously won by Hillary Clinton $13,063,828 94.7%
Counties previously won by Donald Trump $692,742 5.3%
Total $13,756,570  

Here are the 10 largest CTCL grants in Pennsylvania and who won each county in 2020: 17

Having paid poll workers in one district and only minimal volunteers in Republican districts added to the disparity while counting the votes, which could lead to inaccurate tallies.

The American Voter’s Alliance published a detailed investigative report on this issue, as did RealClear Investigations, InfluenceWatch, and Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute.

As of March 2022, twelve states have either banned or severely restricted the acceptance and use of private funds for state and local elections: AZ, AK, FL, GA, ID, IN, KS, MS, ND, OH, TN, and TX. Another 5 states have passed anti-Zuckerbucks legislation that is awaiting a Republican governor’s signature: AL, OK, SD and VA. We’re hoping that more will soon follow suit.

Voting Trend Anomalies

In our series of articles on election trend analysis, we identified the following statistical outliers for Pennsylvania which deserve further investigation. Visit the linked articles to learn more.

⚠️ Voting Rate Increase The turnout, or percentage of registered voters who voted, was significantly higher in 2020 than in previous elections, increasing from a range of 57-65% up to 70.2%.
⚠️ Biden’s Vote Gains Far Surpassing Obama’s The increase in Democrat votes Pennsylvania displayed in 2020 far surpassed the increase achieved in Obama’s successful campaign in 2008. This seems unusual.

Court Hearings

It appears that evidence of fraud has not yet been heard by a court, despite two attempts:

  1. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied a petition by state lawmakers, seeking review of the election result. The Court’s order invoked “laches” — the legal doctrine that calls for dismissal of complaints filed too late.

  2. Despite the above issues, the US Supreme Court declined to hear the case. 3

As of October 2021, the district, state and supreme courts have ruled on several election fraud issues, while numerous other cases are still open. Some cases were dismissed on legal technicalities, preventing evidence from being presented and considered; but a detailed list of cases and outcomes available here show that at a national level, Trump/Republicans have so far prevailed in 18 out of 25 cases that were decided on the merits of the evidence.

View Court Case Outcomes

Election Audits

A small, but state-wide “risk-limiting” audit of 45,000 randomly selected ballots was performed in February 2021. 23 The process was a smaller version of a “hand recount” which checks that the paper ballots match the official tally. It concluded that the counts were accurate.

Note that a recount does not tend to identify chain of custody issues and the alleged injection or manipulation of fraudulent paper ballots, such as those noted in the above sections. It may simply recount the same fraudulent ballots.

Philadelphia County rejected attempts at further audits claiming that it would duplicate “extensive efforts already undertaken by the Philadelphia County Board of Elections, the Pennsylvania Department of State, state and federal courts, and … the Pennsylvania State Senate”. 24 It’s not clear, however, whether these previous investigations went any deeper than the risk-limiting audit.

If you have any further information, let us know in the comments below.

Forensic Audit

Pennsylvania’s Intergovernmental Operations Committee followed Arizona’s lead and decided a deeper forensic audit was necessary and initiated this process on July 7, 2021.

Senator Doug Mastriano (a Republican, and also the chairman of the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee) requested three counties hand over all of their election material in order for them to be audited. All three refused: 25

County Response
Philadelphia County “We will not cooperate as this duplicates previous audits” 26
York County “We will not send materials or provide access to voting machines” 27
Tioga County “We will not provide access to machines unless the Senate pays for a new set of machines” 28

Governor Tom Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro, both Democrats, instructed counties not to participate in the audits. The Department of State then gave a directive to all 67 counties that they must block unauthorized third party access to their voting machines, or otherwise face decertification. 29

This again highlights a crucial problem with electronic election machines:
Nobody seems to be able to verify whether or not they have been tampered with. As such, state leaders threaten to decertify them out of mistrust of the auditor, and seemingly, to prevent any inspection at all.

If they cannot be validated as being safe and secure, they should not be used at all.

The deadline passed, and none of the counties complied. The Senator sought official subpoenas (legally binding requests) to force the counties to hand over all ballots, records, documents, voting machines and tabulators in order to conduct a forensic audit, but this was blocked. The majority of the Senate Committee supported this move.

Republican Senate President Jake Corman has repeatedly blocked Senator Mastriano’s forensic investigation by demanding that he not send requests to the counties, blocking subpoenas, blocking committee meetings, stripping Mastriano of his investigation and role on the committee, and even removing his entire staff. 30 31

[This was] a move many of my fellow senators feel was an outrageous and unprecedented move unbecoming of a senate leader.

“I don’t know why Senator Corman obstructed my investigation for so long or why he has now hijacked it. What I do know is that if it was up to Senator Corman, there would be no investigation for him to steal. What I also know is that no matter who leads it, the investigation must go forward. I know that the people of Pennsylvania will never settle for a symbolic investigation. They deserve nothing less than a full forensic investigation that gets to the bottom of what happened in the 2020 election, and I’ll be a relentless voice to make sure that’s exactly what happens. I haven’t, and will not retreat.

“The question is why Jake Corman went from ten months of obstructing a forensic investigation to suddenly hijacking it and maligning the hard work we put into making this happen. The people need answers.”

— Senator Doug Mastriano, Aug 26, 2021 30 has collected over 100,000 signatures demanding an audit. Their website contains further information, data, and interviews.

“The people in Pennsylvania want to know what happened, who did it, and who’s going to jail.”

They’ve expressed zero confidence in Corman’s effort to lead the audits. 32

Voter Canvassing Results

In the summer of 2021, Audit The Vote PA began working on a canvassing effort in 20 counties across the state to verify the certified results from the 2020 election. This effort was designed to restore voter confidence given all the controversy and unanswered questions surrounding the 2020 election.

The results show that there are egregious discrepancies between the certified result from the State Department and what our canvassers were told from residents at the door.

Pennsylvania election canvassing results, March 2022

Preliminary and incomplete results as of Mar 21, 2022. Source: Audit the Vote PA

Lancaster County

As of Feb 1, 2022, 411 doors had been knocked on, with 256 able to be surveyed. 33

  • 37% of houses had some election anomaly occur
  • 21.17% had phantom registrations (not belonging to the residents) at the address
  • 8.56% had less registrations on record than resident stated
  • A massive 26.39% of addresses had a different number of votes on record for 2020 than resident stated. 17.13% had phantom votes and 9.3% were missing votes.

York County

As of Feb 1, 2022, 486 houses had been knocked on, with 206 able to be surveyed. 33

  • 45% of houses had some election anomaly occur
  • 23.4% had phantom registrations (not belonging to the residents) at the address
  • 13.1% had less registrations on record than resident stated
  • A massive 29.2% of addresses had a different number of votes on record for 2020 than resident stated. 15.3% had phantom votes and 13.8% were missing votes.

Video Summary

Watch on Rumble. By Toni Shuppe, Audit the Vote PA, Feb 1, 2022.

While the results are unable to conclude whether Biden or Trump actually won the election, the number of anomalies is likely far greater than the winning margin, deeming the result inconclusive. This indicates that the election results should not have been certified and may be invalid.

Online Survey

Residents of Pennsylvania can complete the following online form to submit their voting information to help match it against the state databases and identify any anomalies.

Other Counties

Results for other counties in PA are due to be released in the coming weeks. Subscribe to @AuditTheVotePA and stay tuned.

Similar grassroots canvass efforts are underway in at least eleven states. Learn more about the thousands of irregularities being uncovered in our article on Door-to-Door Canvassing Results.

Get Involved

Volunteers are needed to help verify the irregularities found. One key way this is done is through voter canvassing, with teams analyzing the county and state records and voter rolls, and others going door-to-door to identify whether the records match the actual residents living at the address.

Learn more about Canvassing Volunteer in Your State

You can also contact your state representatives and ask them to thoroughly investigate all credible allegations and ensure forensic audits are pursued to completion, across all necessary counties.

Contact Pennsylvania State Representatives

Further Updates

Mar 12, 2022

In May 2021, James Allen instructed an employee to contact Hart to obtain a Verity key to switch off a setting to allow scanners to accept ballots from any precinct, which is one reason the precincts could not be reconciled.

Election Fraud Evidence and Litigation
Jan 15, 2022

Through a public records request Audit the Vote PA (ATVPA) learned that nearly 100 Democrat-funded groups outside of PA have keys to the state’s voter registration system. There’s not a single conservative organization on that list.

Liberty Overwatch
Nov 19, 2021 Liberty Overwatch
Nov 19, 2021

A complaint alleges Pennslyvania election officials were tearing tapes ‘into pieces and placing … them into the trash stating they will have a campfire to burn the data.’

The Federalist
Nov 18, 2021 Liberty Overwarch

Election Audit Groups on Telegram

To join the grassroots efforts in pursuing election integrity and audits of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania, you can join the following groups on Telegram:

For other states, see our Full List of Telegram Channels. has no affiliation with nor any responsibility for these channels. Discern carefully, as some users and even admins of channels have shown obstruction to transparent audits of our elections.

State Representatives Supporting Election Integrity & Audits

Following the results of the Maricopa Arizona Forensic Audit, 188 state representatives from 39 states signed a letter asking for forensic audits in all 50 states. The signatories for Pennsylvania include:

  • Representative David Zimmerman
  • Representative Russ Diamond
  • Representative Stephanie Borowicz
  • Senator Doug Mastriano

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly, Congressman Dan Meuser, and Congressman Scott Perry are part of the US Congress Election Integrity Caucus, a group of 55 federal members working together on issues of election integrity to ensure that Americans in every state and territory have confidence in free, fair, accurate, and transparent elections.

Raw Data

We aim to publish links to both the raw election data and voter registration data for Pennsylvania so that citizens and researchers can analyze this information for themselves.

Show Raw Data Links

Certified Election Results
Currently unknown

In most states, the certified election results are available from the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections. Check their website for details. States are also required by HAVA law to inform the public of how many absentee ballots were both sent and received to uniformed services and overseas voters.
Voter Registration Rolls/Database
Currently unknown

In some states, these are freely available from the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections. Check their website. In other states, voter rolls must be purchased and/or accessed via a signed legal agreement. Some officials are also obstructing access to the rolls, to make auditing difficult. Let us know via Telegram or via the comment section below if you experience issues.
Cast Vote Records Ordros Analytics has collated a repository of Cast Vote Records (CVRs) which list everyone who voted in the Nov 2020 election. Only some counties in some states are represented, but the list is growing.
The New York Times 2020 Election Results Results for all states, with several maps and charts.
Data Explorer Tool Our own tool for inspecting the 2020 New York Times data, including the time-series data of how the counting progressed. Also provides download links for raw JSON or CSV data, including counts for every precinct and county.
US Election Atlas Detailed results for 2020 and previous years. Some data is freely accessible on their website, while some, such as detailed historic results in CSV format, are purchasable for a fee.
This appears to be the source commonly used by Seth Keshel for his analysis, although we have not officially confirmed this.
2020 General Election Data & Research A broad collection of national stats, vote and registration counts, time-series data, voting machine information and manuals, PDF reports, and other research collated by citizen auditors.
Election Night Time-Series Data from Edison

Provides more detail than is available from the New York Times, and includes numerous interactive charts.
Download ZIP of Raw Data
Published by Jeff O’Donnell,
Weekly HAVV SSN Reports

Social Security Administration (SSA) Weekly Data for Help America Vote Verification (HAVV) Transactions by State.
Learn more about this data
Published by Jeff O’Donnell,

If you have additional sources of election data, please let us know via Telegram, Twitter or post a comment below to assist.

Further Leads

Show List of Further Leads

The following list of election allegations and links was collated by with public contributions. Some items have not been reviewed for accuracy, but we provide them below in case they contain important information that we have not covered elsewhere. Remember to use your own discernment.

PA court rules against post-election vote curing Voting Legislation
170,830 vote discrepancy between ballots cast and voter records Illegal Votes
15,017 ballots were illegally marked “Returned” between Nov 7th and Nov 16th Illegal Votes
65,026 ballots were marked “Returned” after Nov 3rd, despite Kathy Boockvar reporting 10k Illegal Votes
112,516 ballots were given new return dates. Illegal Votes
151,775 mail-in ballot records were changed on Nov 23rd Illegal Votes
40,875+ ballots were cast in the name of another voter without their consent Illegal Votes
2,000 ballots found in single sweep, despite numerous prior sweeps Illegal Votes
Mail-in ballots were "returned" for counting before they were mailed Illegal Votes
32.6% of 1706 sample received absentee ballots without their request Illegal Votes
"X" used for signatures for in fraudulent voter registrations Illegal Votes
PA DoS removed signature verification from all mail-in ballots Illegal Votes
18,000 mail-in ballots didn't have a "Mailed Date" only a return date after Nov 3rd Illegal Votes
95% registered voter turnout in Philadelphia Illegal Votes
1994: Judge rules Democrat stole State Senate election in Philadelphia scheme Illegal Votes
A ballot in Pennsylvania was cast on behalf of a dead person. Illegal Votes
PA Auditors Warned of Dead People, Duplicates on State Voter Rolls Illegal Votes
2435 mail-in ballots were cast in the names of deceased voters in PA Illegal Votes
8205 ballots were approved, mailed out, filled out, mailed back, and received on same day. Illegal Votes
Election Commissioners approve ballot harvesting without proof or verification Polling Place Irregularities
Counties continued illegally processing new ballot applications after Nov 3rd Polling Place Irregularities
Observers forced to stand 30 feet away from ballot counting, despite state laws Polling Place Irregularities
39% of 1137 Republican ballots never arrived for counting, despite being mailed. Polling Place Irregularities
2,349 undated ballots counted after Board of Elections voted 2-1 against Elections Code Polling Place Irregularities
Poll observers forced to use binoculars to watch voting process, despite court order Polling Place Irregularities
Pre-canvassing ballots in some counties weeks early, violating election laws Polling Place Irregularities
99.4% for single candidate from 570,000 ballot batch Polling Place Irregularities
13,450 ballots have been deleted from official PA database since Nov 3rd. Polling Place Irregularities
20% increase in votes for canidate in select mail-in ballot batches Polling Place Irregularities
Election Commissioners approve ballot curing against court order Polling Place Irregularities
Officials approve Zuckerberg grant without reviewing the terms and stipulation Polling Place Irregularities
List of poll watchers being denied entry Polling Place Irregularities
State and Election Officials acted against ballot curing Court Order Polling Place Irregularities
40 people take unchecked backpacks to polling area within short time frame Polling Place Irregularities
400,000 ballot discrepancy between the official number on Nov 2nd and Nov 3rd Polling Place Irregularities
Memory sticks used to program Philly’s voting machines, stolen from warehouse Polling Place Irregularities
PA Poll Worker Admits to Throwing All Donald Trump Ballots in Garbage Discarded or Destroyed Ballots
Electronic voting systems rely on abandoned operating systems in PA counties Voting Machine Irregularities
PA DoS requested a function from Dominion to re-mark and re-scan ballots Voting Machine Irregularities
30 times lower rejection rate for mail-in ballots than in 2016 General
1,930% more mail-in ballots requested by PA than any other state General
Zuckerberg-Funded ‘Safe Elections’ Project gave $18m to PA districts General
News clearly caught voter fraud Unverified Pennsylvania Added nearly 100,000 from 4-17 November Unverified
67,000 Mail In Ballots Requested After 6th Nov. Official Government Source Unverified
Kathy Boockvar sued herself to extend the mail-in ballot deadline in September Unverified
More than 432,000 votes removed from Trump in Pennsylvania, Data Scientists Say Unverified
Official ballots for every Precinct in Allegheny Co. PA, were available online Unverified
Video of how votes in Pennsylvania were subtracted from Tromp Unverified
2014-5-6 PAelection official stuffing ballot boxes for $ guilty plea-other idict Unverified
Streetviews of the PA voters who live in PO boxes via VIP data Unverified
Dominion voting machines did not change the vote in Pennsylvania Unverified
Bobby Piton statistical claim of too few common names in PA is wrong Unverified
At least two truck loads of ballots delivered from New York to Pennsylvania Unverified
Electioneering at polling location, Russell School in Broomall, PA Unverified
In PA, More Ballots Cast than Voters Who Voted Unverified
In Pennsylvania, Presidential Election Numbers Have Problems Unverified
PA State Rep Russ Diamond - more votes than voters Unverified
In PA Biden got 2Mil mail-in votes from only 1.7M registered D mail-in ballots Unverified
<a href="Pennsylvania's Dept of Elections database is CORRUPT. I paid for and downloaded the database from the state to check my voting record. It turns out the database is corrupt. The field that is "Last Vote Date", has been edited and is corrupt. The format described by the state is MM/DD/YYYY. This is true in 2 counties I looked at, York and Cumberland. This is NOT TRUE in Philadelphia County. The data file from the state elections is TEXT format. Someone has corrupted this data and would be obvious to any data analyst familiar with this. Please forward to others. They obviously had to fill in the actual Last Vote Date for the ballets they created, but someone messed up big time. See for yourself Thank You! [email protected]">Pennsylvania's Dept of Elections database is CORRUPT.</a> Unverified
Over 19K votes switch from Trump to Biden in PA (real time video) Unverified
Clear Voter Fraud in PA Unverified
Man registered dead people and voted for them Unverified
Pennsylvania Trump supporter charged with voter fraud Unverified
Candidate Election Day votes in 1:2:3 ratio in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Unverified
Election Comm Member Does NOT Want to Use Electronic Poll Books Due to Hacking/F Unverified
Lebanon Voter Registar Approves Tabulator to Except Blank Ballots-who gets vote? Unverified
Kathy Bookvar States 110% Voter Turnout Makes No Sense at New Election Equip Mee Unverified
Lebanon, PA Voter Registar States He Lets Citizens Apply for Ballots BEFORE The Unverified
Lebanon, PA: Voter Registar Request More Tabulators & ES&S Employee to be on Sit Unverified
Lebanon, PA Election Comm. Zoom Meeting-Member Asks To Open Court Ordered Ballot Unverified
PA Election Comm. Member States Election Flawed By Mail In Ballots, Etc. During Unverified
<a href="November 22, 2020 Hon. William M. McSwain U.S. Attorney's Office 615 Chestnut Street, Suite 1250 Philadelphia, PA 19106 Dear Sir, I voted at approximately 3pm. I then walked across the street to my apartment building entrance (1713 Spruce St.) to grab a Trump hat, and remained at the polling place (10th Presbyterian Church, 17th & Spruce Sts.) on the public sidewalk in view of the entrance, until 8pm, with the exception of one approximately 20 minute interval when I went to my apartment across the street to bundle up. I was voter #119 for my ward division (8-6). I did not witness more than 50-60 people enter the polling place during this time. The city commissioners website reports a total of 618 votes in my division as of November 17. Keep in mind the commissioners website also lists the breakdown of mail-in to walk-in votes as almost even, city-wide. Philadelphia City Commissioners UNOFFICIAL 2020 GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS November 3, 2020 VOTER TURNOUT 66.35% Total Ballots Cast 749,317 Registered Voters 1,129,308 Ballots Cast by Mail: 374,373 Ballots Cast at Polling Place:359,952 DIVISIONS REPORTING 100% Divisions Reported1,703 Total Divisions 1,703 RESULTS LAST UPDATED 11/17/2020 6:52:14 PM EST The polling place also served divisions 3,4 and 11 in this ward. So, we're looking at approximately three times the number of walk-ins for my ward division, and my neighborhood is very walkable (just off Rittenhouse Square). The numbers don't square, add the fact that the population of this area tends to turn over frequently (many college students), and it seems ripe for some foolishness. It was not my intention to "catch" any nefarious activity. I stood there to give support for other voters who may have been considering Trump. There were 4-6 persons who were well supplied with coffee and treats, even supplying their own canned music and Biden/Harris signs while they conversed and surfed their phones. In one instance one of them came up to me and asked if I needed any help. I declined. It was amusing to see workers for the church take down Biden/Harris signs from the church facade not long after I "took my post". Also, after what people such as Candace Owens and many others have gone thru for supporting our President, I could not decline to do this small gesture. I can provide the business cards of three people who interacted with me while I was there. I had no prior contact with these individuals prior to this time. 1) A. Lindsay Doering/Ward Leader/8th Ward GOP 2) Damian Burchardt/Multimedia Journalist 3) Matteo Venieri/Boston University/Com '21 (also took my picture) Feel free to contact me, as I would like to aid the legal vote in any way possible. Kind Regards, Gary L. Eichelberger 1713 Spruce Street, 4th Flr. Phila., PA 19103 215 893 9859 land 267 886 4375 cell">3X as many mail-in votes than city average in very walkable neighborhood?</a> Unverified
Ex6of6 Pennsylvania POTUS vote tally vary CNN 0204AM (backup) Unverified
Ex5of6 Pennsylvania POTUS vote tally vary CNN 1209AM (backup) Unverified
Ex4of6 Pennsylvania POTUS vote tally vary CNN 1108PM (backup) Unverified
Ex3of6 Pennsylvania POTUS vote tally vary CNN 0925PM (backup) Unverified
Ex2of6 Pennsylvania POTUS vote tally vary CNN 0917PM (backup) Unverified
Ex1of6 Pennsylvania POTUS vote tally vary CNN 0915PM (backup) Unverified
Boxes of Illegal votes are stored in Philadelphia polling center Unverified
Pensylvania Mail-In data has suspicious ballot turn-around times. Unverified
Six Examples of PA POTUS vote tallies varying on CNN (backup) Unverified
USPS whistleblower statement supported that USPS directed illegal freight Unverified
Vote counts manipulated in all Pennsylvania counties that used Scytl ENR SW Unverified
PHL precinct 17-06 statistical anomaly. 23528 votes Biden 6 votes Trump Unverified
Jeffrey Tony (04/09/1964) active in TWO STATES (Manatee, FL & Fayette, PA) Unverified
Dona Marie Tony (06/25/1955) active in TWO STATES (Manatee, FL & Fayette, PA) Unverified
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania uses FireEye software during the elections. Unverified
kathy boockvar stating that mail in ballouts wont be reject do to signatures Unverified
58,828 Pennsylvania Ballots Mailed and Returned on the same day & BDAY Issues Unverified
Ruby code/script to show anomalies in Pennsylvania mailed/return dates Unverified
Election officials committed audit transactions early in the vote tabulation Unverified
Statistical info presented in a yt video by Mr Reagan channel idk if you've seen Unverified
Impossible statistics in Pennsylvania and other swing states Unverified
8 USB cards/laptop stolen from Philly election: Suspect from ATL USB handoff? Unverified
40 page report Pennsylvania election fraud/planning written by PhD statisticians Unverified
Video showing count flip Unverified
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 6 of 6…w/CNN video) Unverified
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 5 of 6…w/CNN video) Unverified
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 4 of 6…w/CNN video) Unverified
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 3of 6…w/CNN video) Unverified
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 2 of 6…w/CNN video) Unverified
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 1 of 6...w/CNN video) Unverified
Ex 6of6: Trump PA vote decrease 666; Biden PA vote decrease 312; Why? CNN 0203-0 Unverified
Ex 5of6: Trump PA vote decrease 29; Biden PA vote increase 5,267; Why? CNN 1208- Unverified
Ex 4of6: Trump PA vote decrease 19,958; Biden PA vote increase 19,958; Why? CNN Unverified
Ex 3of6: Trump PA vote decrease 120,494; Biden PA vote decrease 384,900; Why?CNN Unverified
Ex 2of6: Trump PA vote decrease 113,870; Biden PA vote increase 17,372; Why? CNN Unverified
Ex 1of6: Trump PA vote decrease 33,941; Biden PA vote decrease 193,301; Why? CNN Unverified
PA Open Data- Requested, mailed and received ballots by dead people. Unverified
BREAKING: 76 of 141 Republican Representatives in PA Send Letter to Congress Ask Unverified
exposure of the vote shifting algorithm, the ratios and how it precinct hopped Unverified
People filling in ballots for Biden one after the other on camera Unverified
List of deceased confirmed voters in Pennsylvania Unverified
342 797 votes still missing in Pennsylvania - based on 89% reporting on Nov 5 Unverified
Witness Testifies at PA Election Hearing: Voting Machines ‘Built to Be Manipulat Unverified
Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election Unverified
Analysis of philly precinct Level vote Reporting Uncovers clear algorithms Unverified
Poll-watcher views USBs uploaded without supervision Unverified
Were Trump votes changed to Biden votes in PA? Unverified
Claims apparently made by Newt Gingrich Unverified
USPS truck driver takes ballots from NY to Pennsylvania, which then disappear. Unverified
Video shows PA vote flip Trump to Biden Live on CNN Unverified
FB post reporting unsolicited ballot information received. Unverified
256,593 votes switched from Trump to Biden in PA Unverified
Statistical anomilies for Biden Unverified
Biden wins 100% of Registered Democrats & Independents Unverified
Pennsylvania political operatives bought ~300,000 fake election ballots from mob Unverified
Demonstration of computer fraud Unverified
Voter intimidation Unverified
PA gives injunctive relief 11/27 Unverified
MEMORANDUM OPINION BY JUDGE McCULLOUGH enjoins further certification PA Unverified
Trump 1,690,582 changes to 1,670,631 LOOSING 19,958 v. while Biden gains the sam Unverified
Number of total votes Biden received in Montgomery county is out of bounds Unverified
Giuliani found bags ballots from PA that had voted for Trump in Ukraine Unverified
Voting machines were misconfigured and deleted Trump votes Unverified
Fraud in PA Unverified
Voter attempted to get absentee ballot for person who passed away. Unverified
Evidence of possible ballot harvesting in Philadelphia. Unverified
Court ruled that Democrat Kathy Boockvar's order to change deadline was illegal Unverified
171,036 votes deleted for Trump after counting stopped Unverified
Whistleblower to voter irregularities PA Unverified
19k votes switched from Trump to Biden Unverified
Pennsylvania Rejects 372,000 Ballot Applications Because Most Were Duplicates Unverified
PA postal workers charged with dumping ballots Unverified
UK journo find 58% PA ballots have date discrepancies Unverified
Polling place not open in PA Unverified
Erie County, PA - Poll worker admits trashing Trump votes Unverified
PA data shows Trump vote decrementing Unverified
23,305K mail in ballots received before being mailed Unverified
Laptop, USB drives stolen from elections warehouse in East Falls Philadelphia Unverified
Dominion VP Eric Coomer presented to PA... said HQ was Denver NOT Canada Unverified
171,036 VBM ballots deleted from Trump on 11/4 between 1:11am & 8:12am Unverified
Nearly 100,000 ballots were received in PA before the State sent them out Unverified
Shows gov mailed SAME DATE as filled out and mailed back. Unverified
PA judge throws out Trump case & says he is not allowed to disenfranchise 7M ppl Unverified
Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA Unverified
Donald Duck's ballot marked as democrat when we all know he's a republican Unverified
real time votes swap captured Unverified
3 PA S.Ct. Justices Dougherty,Wecht &Donahue connect to Democracy Alliance-Soros Unverified
Mail-In ballot dump has implausible distribution for Biden/Trump/Jorgenson Unverified
Dominion system vote re-assignment method found by a spanish mathematician Unverified
Person died prior to Election Day, and their mail in vote was recorded. Unverified
Over 18% of Philadelphia Absenteee Ballots were marked returned on October 10. Unverified
PA voter fraud stitistically confirmed Unverified
PA Judge Rules In Favor of Trump Team Suit Unverified
PA vote switching proof, backed by data. Simple video walkthrough. Unverified
Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA Unverified
How Dominion transferred votes between PA precincts AND covered its trail Unverified
Ballots switched at post office Unverified
Voter Fraud: Person votes on behalf of his dead mother! Unverified
Dead people voted in Pennsylvania (born in 1850 and later). Unverified
PA mail in voters with impossible dates Unverified
PA secretary designed unequal illegal ballot curing guidance Unverified
Prominent mathematician investigated voters and flags up to 100,000 PA ballots Unverified
Trump Lawyers admit no fraud in PA case. Unverified
Dominion: Vote Switching during CNN Livestream on Election Night 2020 Unverified
Dominion : During LIVE Broadcast 19,958 PENNSYLVANIA Trump Votes Switch To Biden Unverified
Nine absentee ballots found in garbage Unverified
I have reports of dead people voting. With proof. Unverified
Votes were moved from Trump to 3rd part then to Biden Unverified
PA voter roll inacuarrate. Active lawsuit Unverified
USPS union endorsing Biden - Mailin ballots in question Unverified
PA vmailin voter registration irregularity. Now private Unverified
Mailin voter registration orregularity. Now private Unverified
Mailin voter regostry irregularity Unverified
Genevieve Vesko - PA dead voter Alzheimers patient - died 10/23, voted 11/3 Unverified
Pennsylvania witnesses describe irregularities they saw Unverified
Philadelphia Rejected Dominion For Fear Of Foreign Interference In US Elections Unverified
OA refusal to permit GOP observers into building Unverified
CNN video of PA vote swap during broadcast on election night Unverified
users found potential mass registrations for some PA adresses Unverified
Pennsylvania Voting Anomalies Unverified
Voter Intimidation in Philly, Trump Observers Kicked Out Unverified
Systematic fraud committed by Democrats in PA election. Unverified
Philly Trump Poll Watcher who was thrown out - Gary Feldman Unverified
Poll watcher in Philly wrongfully prevented from entering the polling place Unverified
Watcher denied inside,Dem committeewoman: "that rule ain't worth being followed" Unverified
Election Officials keep poll watchers far from counting tables can’t observe Unverified
People submitting multiple mail-in ballots across the state Unverified
Official ballot box being taken away by an unidentified civilian Unverified
Dems distort election integrity idea into nefarious plot to interfere w/election Unverified
GOP lawmaker claims Democratic officials worked to 'tip the scales' to Biden Unverified
Flashback: Philly Election Official Convicted of Voter Fraud Unverified
Photo of Republican Poll Watcher Blacklist From Philadelphia Unverified
Project Veritas USPS Whistleblower: Orders to Halt Delivery of Trump & GOP Mail Unverified
19,958 votes mysterious vanish from Trump, as Biden gains 19,958 Unverified
PA supreme court violates article 2 of US constitution Unverified
illegal advertising at election stations in PA Unverified
Poll watcher in PA denied Entry (video) Unverified
video showing election machines mysteriously shutdown Unverified
Election workers wear Biden Masks, violating state law Unverified
video of election official refusing to comply with court order Unverified
Analysts Witness Late-Night Absentee Ballot Dumps for Biden Unverified
video of woman (bottom of page) training staff to kick out poll watchers Unverified
Philadelphia Will Halt Mail-In Vote Count for the Night Unverified
170 year old people are voting in Allegheny County Unverified
Russel Strasser intimidates whistleblower. has anti-trump burner account Unverified
Attorney Jerome Marcus tells us how he witnessed fraud Unverified
Election Official refuses to comply with court order Unverified
Long History of Voter Fraud in PA Unverified
Mob Boss deleivers thousands of false ballots in Phillyballots Unverified
Philly mob boss stole the election and why he may flip on Joe Biden Unverified
Video Shows Philadelphia Poll Workers Denying GOP Observer Access Unverified
9 Mail-in Ballots Discarded, At Least 7 Were for Trump Unverified
Lax Security at voting machine storage unit where controls stolen: walk right in Unverified
Mr. Biden has been winning absentee votes, 77 percent to 22 percent Unverified
Pennsylvania Voting Machine Warehouse Broken Into, Laptop and USB Drives Stolen Unverified
Philadelphia Voting Machine Controls Stolen from City Warehouse Unverified
Pennsylvania mail in ballot percentages statistically impossible Unverified
19,958 Votes Subtracted from Trump, added to Biden LIVE on CNN Unverified

Beyond Pennsylvania, additional links of nationwide relevance are available on our Further Leads page.

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    In the report they note that Pennsylvania and Virginia both had incredibly convoluted election data that was difficult to examine. In Pennsylvania, there were four instances where votes were subtracted from the totals. In addition, there were four notable batches or periods where the counts were abnormally weighted towards Biden, when compared with the other batches. 

  11. Edward Solomon’s 12min video “Geometric Proof for Georgia” is available on Rumble. See also his official report and affidavit or screenshots of his spreadsheets. Statistician Dr Frank also believes that Edward Solomon’s numbers are correct

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  15. Verified Voting has some useful information on their website, however we feel the need to caution visitors about the partisan ties and Democrat influence within the organization. According to The Gateway Pundit: 35

    • Barbara Simons, Board Chair of Verified Voting, was appointed by top-ranking Democrats (Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and later Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer) to the seemingly-corrupt and powerful U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

    • Mark Lindeman, Co-Director of Verified Voting, openly opposed the Maricopa Forensic Audit, yet was chosen to perform the criticized Windham NH Audit.

    • Verified Voting also appear to have hidden the fact that cybersecurity consultant and New Hampshire election auditor Harri Hursti was previously a member of the organization, with all mention of him removed from their website two days after being selected for the audit, without explanation.

    Utilize the VV website with these questionable issues in mind. 

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