The following list of election allegations was collated by with public contributions. Items specific to a certain state are listed at the bottom of each of our state reports. The list below contains only items that are of national relevance.

Some items have not been reviewed for accuracy, but they are provided for thoroughness and in case they contain important information that we have not covered elsewhere. Remember to use your own discernment.

Voting machine vendors are without regulation or security standards Voting Legislation
45 day after election, federal official assess if foreign governments had any effect Voting Legislation
138,444 swing state votes were cast from voters with residence in another state Illegal Votes
23.2% of absentee ballots returned by voters, were not received in swing states Illegal Votes
27.4% of absentee ballots were likely fraudently requested in AZ, GA, MI, PA, WI Illegal Votes
353 counties in 29 states have more voter registrations than voting-age citizens Illegal Votes
Claim that Maiden name was used to vote in election Illegal Votes
USPS witnesses claim they helped with backdating and transported across states Illegal Votes
1.2% of newly moved voters had votes cast in their name without consent Illegal Votes
1.3% of newly registered voters had votes cast in their name without consent Illegal Votes
1,298 proven instances of voter fraud with 1,121 criminal convictions Illegal Votes
Jill Stein contested the results in 3 states 2016 for similar irregularities Illegal Votes
289,000 excess votes suggest due to precinct level turnout irregularities Illegal Votes
4.3m more votes than 2018 registered voter - results nearing 100% turnout Illegal Votes
Benford Analysis shows irregular Illegal Votes
Lowest recorded mail-in ballot rejection rate in swing states Illegal Votes
95% of Bellwether counties break voting pattern, creating statistical anomaly Illegal Votes
Statistical anomalies in multiple states have a time correlation Illegal Votes
NYT FLASHBACK: Error and fraud at issue as absentee voting rises (2012) Illegal Votes
US decried Ukraine election due to expelled observers, mail-in ballots and 90% turnout Illegal Votes
Joe Biden states he put together the most "extensive... voter fraud organization" Illegal Votes
500 sworn affidavits and 11,000 reports of irregularities Polling Place Irregularities
FEC chair believes there may be fraud since observers banned Polling Place Irregularities
Dominion uses Solarwinds in their technology stack Voting Machine Irregularities
ES&S misrepresented their machines as EAC Certified to US officials Voting Machine Irregularities
CISA only did a critical product evaluation (CPE) on some vendor supplied systems Voting Machine Irregularities
Electronic voting unprotected, has little accountability and not transparent Voting Machine Irregularities
Computer scientist proves voting systems can be hacked to steal votes Voting Machine Irregularities
Dominion manual states high risk vulnerabilities, remedy is invalidate election Voting Machine Irregularities
Dominion and Smartmatic have had contracts outside of public knowledge Voting Machine Irregularities
Voting machine "glitches" in Toronto election in Canada Voting Machine Irregularities
CIA expert explains how most electronic voting isn't secure Voting Machine Irregularities
Vulnerabilities give access to change the "Official" Databases Voting Machine Irregularities
Dominion licenses it's software to Smartmatic Voting Machine Irregularities
93% of errors go unnoticed by users of ballot marking devices security Voting Machine Irregularities
Confidential: Smartmatic is web of holding companies, suspected of fraud Voting Machine Irregularities
Voting machine firm states Venezuela election rigged "without any doubt" Voting Machine Irregularities
Dominion Security Chief states he "made sure" Trump would not win Voting Machine Irregularities
89% of European democracies banned absentee voting to resident citizens General
Iran stole voter data General
Google searches for ‘election fraud punishment,’ increased ahead of election General
Influence of Mark Zuckerberg's Money in 2020 election Unverified
China and other countries interfered with the 2020 general election Unverified
This was before Dominion cheated Unverified
Ratcliffe - Views on Intelligence Community Election Security Analysis Unverified
global defense contractor testifies in IT court; he switched votes in US race Unverified
The signer of the Italiagate affidavit Alfio D'Urso is in fact a Lawyer Unverified
Arturo D'Elia stolen 10 gigabytes of secret military information - Dec. 6, 2020 Unverified
Amistad news conference showing Zuckerberg $350 Million election fraud funding Unverified
Amistad News Conference with unintentional participants in massive voter fraud Unverified
Video compilation of voter fraud and election law violations Unverified
Video of live news showing 5000 vote being subtracted from republican candidate Unverified
Video of live news showing showing 19,000 vote-flip from Trump to Biden Unverified
Election irregularities Unverified
Press Release: Votes Switched throughout U.S. Presidential Race – Institute for Unverified
Contractor in Italy admit in Rome Italy deposition to switching votes Unverified
*Electoral college database for *US Congress & *Senate Unverified
Vermont ATTEN::Georgia primary RES“local elections affected by fraudulent” votes Unverified
Electoral College Challenges(some)1-1–2021liberal journalist callsout-hypocrisy Unverified
iMAGE OF large boxes in a warehouse that say DOMINION VOTING - MADE IN CHINA Unverified
AK Charges 2018 voter misconduct- Unverified
Election fraud map-database sampling- The Heritage Foundation Unverified
280000 stolen votes michigan via dominion algorithm. Proves crazy mathematical a Unverified
2020 election inspector allegedly voted twice in 2015- admitted Project Veritas Unverified
Who is the guy with nasa shirt and shades? Why didnt I have to show proof of cit Unverified
No Check for Voters Registered in Multiple States (Voting More Than Once) Unverified
Data Analysis: Dominion Transferred Votes Unverified
Statistical analysis of 2020 Voting Anomalies Unverified
Fractional voting was not used and did not change any election results Unverified
2006 guide put out by the Brennan Center for investigating election fraud. Unverified
Eric Coomer Dominion Voting Ties To German Antifa Is Foreign Interference, Biden Unverified
Dominion Voting Machines Unverified
PA and GA are intertwined because of a very powerful Domestic or Foreign actor Unverified
The Strange propportion of new voters voting in 2020 Unverified
“ElectionFraud:15%” SaundersToClinton 6/27/16 by Seanvotes allegedly taken4 HC
Eight states have more registered voters than people eligible to vote Unverified
Eight states have more registered voters than people eligible to vote Unverified
Dominon Voter Systems hack Source code and altered votes Unverified
Mark Zuckerberg $400 million donation possibly linked to Staple Street Capital Unverified
Patrick Byrne publishes evidence of foreign interference. where is the DNI rep r Unverified
Based on the Current Pop. Survey, more than 100% of reg. voters voted this year Unverified
Pennsylvania vote count. Bobby Piton Unverified
Stew peters has audio of proven voter fraud Unverified
CCP 400 million to Dominion 1month before USA Nov 3rd election Unverified
Sidney Powell Evidence Binder Unverified
2020-12-23-Sidney-Powell-Team-Binder-ZENGER-NEWS.pdf Unverified
Video: "The Plot to Steal the 2020 election". (Part 1)
video the plot to steal the 2020 election
Election Worker on video seen loading the same Ballots three Times into Machine Unverified
Footage compilation of witnesses and expert witnesses Unverified
The only cheaters in 2020 were Republican. Unverified
Do The Math Unverified
Election Night Errors Unverified
NYT Full Data Unverified
Jake Braun-Obama former Sec. advsr s w/o question 2020 election will be hacked Unverified
Democrats PLANNED To Steal The Election Unverified
Ballot supervisor lying to counters Unverified
Look for post by A_Blossom Unverified
Dominion System Allowing Cheating Through Adjudication Unverified
Video showing overseas printing of US ballots, narrator seems to know fraud Unverified
13 million duplicate or made up ballots were created and counted for Biden Unverified
Vote Totals Dropping 9 Times from Live TV - PA, GA, VA, FL, MN Unverified
twelve thousand BIDEN ballots in PA appeared when supposedly NOBODY was working Unverified
Without directly measuring you can calculate infection rate from positivity rate Unverified
Repeating ratios observed in results data Unverified
Dominion owner receives $400M payment from Chinese 1 month before election. Unverified
Arizona Secretary Katie Hobbs, Ignores written request for referendum on votes Unverified
Solar Winds found in the source code of Dominion’s website (Purjury) Unverified
Military Industrial Complex Manipulates Elections for Profit Unverified
Technology Expert Can Determine If Ballots are Legitimate or Fake in Seconds Unverified
Votes Flipped in Real Time CNN Unverified
Spreadsheet showing the daily growth of evidence posted at Unverified
Chart showing growth of evidence Unverified
Stanford University tech scanning tech expert says many ballots faked Unverified
In Switzerland, all dominion scytl e-voting are forbidden following stress tests Unverified
Dominion ownership trail Unverified
President Trump says millions of ballots likely sent to Canis Familiaris in US Unverified
Cases of voter fraud were rare and had no material impact on the outcomes. Unverified
If the ballot has no sign it has been folded, it's a fake Unverified
Election Vote Swaps and Errors Unverified
illegal pandemic related changes to voting policy Unverified
Video on youtube re Mich forensic audit results Unverified
scroll down to video of Louis Nunez re Michigan Forensic Audit Unverified
This visual, connects BLM to ActBlue...and ActBlue to Dems ZERO $$ for Blacks!! Unverified
Facekbook profile belongs or belonged to a JUDY JONES before Actblue/Antifa Unverified
2 different forms for 3 different parties (Overseas Write-in) DEMSABROAD Unverified
Dominion Voting Machine Flaws -- 2020 Election Coffee County, Georgia Unverified
Did Obama steal the 2012 election Unverified
Statistical Detection of Election Irregularities : 2020 Unverified
Kelsie Teigen lives in Nashville, TN & votes in Parkland, FL - see FB, LinkedIn Unverified
Russian ties to election fraud Unverified
Evidence of planned voter fraud leaked back on 8/21 by a hacker codenamed PEPELA Unverified
Supreme Court is rigged against Trump Unverified
Parent company of DOMINION received $400 million from CHINESE GOV Unverified
video analyzing weird precise ratios of tabulation between trump and biden Unverified
KillChain: Documentary made by HBO for a hacker conference named DEF CON Unverified
Ruby code/script to help observe anomalies in NYT/Edison Data Unverified
Trump Presidential address on election fraud Unverified
Ruby freeman reloading loading tabulator with old ballots Unverified
The ultimate evidence Unverified
video that show ballot shipment from china Unverified
Election reporting Unverified
How vote ratios were changed and locked on voting machines. Unverified
How election vote tallies were switched and lost. Unverified
Is this the guy that ordered the count stopped on election night Unverified
Ballot dumping Unverified
March 21, 2014 - Affidavit of Jon S. Ahern Unverified
March 20, 2014 - Declaration of Jack Blaine, Dominion and Smartmatic Unverified
March 20, 2014 - Declaration of Harris N. Miller, see Harris Miller Wikipedia Unverified
March 20, 2014 - Declaration of Drew Sunstein Unverified
March 3, 2019 - Declaration of Daniel Davidson Unverified
March 18, 2014 - Declaration of Kevin Hurst Unverified
June 3, 2010 - Special Meeting, SVS Board of Directors, Unanimous Consent Unverified
June 3, 2010 - Dominion Voting Systems Asset Purchase Agreement from Sequoia Unverified
October 1, 2009 - ProDocumentSolutions Asset Purchase Agreement from SVS Unverified
July 15, 2009 - Dominion Voting Systems Asset Purchase Agreement Unverified
May 28, 2008 - Smartmatic Note Purchase Agreement Unverified
November 5, 2007 - Smartmatic Transition Services Agreement Unverified
November 5, 2007 - Smartmatic Promissory Note - $2,000,000.00 Unverified
November 5, 2007 - Smartmatic Product Distribution Agreement Unverified
September 18, 2007 - Stock Purchase Agreement, SVS Holdings, Sequoia, Smartmatic Unverified
Smartmatic took down its pages for certification , services, technology and fact Unverified
China paid Dominion's owners $400m just before election
SEC records: USB Securities (75% owned by CCP) made private placement to Staple Street Capital 10/8/20
UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON SCOTUS ruled fraud vitiates everything Unverified
Proof!!!!! Braided Woman (Shaye Freeman) with Jessica Corbitt-Dominguez- Fulton Unverified
Canadians receiving texts, phone calls soliciting Biden votes & registrati Unverified
Compilation of evidence. Daily updates Unverified
Poll worker uses ballot to blow nose into Unverified
Poll Worker who counted unsupervised hands off USB to another woman and man 4:15 Unverified
Dominion Energy, Inc. paid Bill Barr, NOT Dominion Voting Systems, Corp. Unverified
"Election Fraud Punishment" trended on Google in swing states before election. Unverified
Visual of votes changing in a second Unverified
Detailed vote rigging demonstration Unverified
How to rig an election shows in depth Unverified
The Steal is Perpetrated by Anti-Trump Republicans Unverified
Evidence-Based Elections Unverified
Voting System Failures Unverified
China Involved With Phony Ballots Unverified
Structured Statistical Anomalies in Multiple States Indicative of Vote Switching Unverified
Michigan Illegally Counted or Ignored 500K Ballots, Lawsuit Claims: Unverified
Whistleblowers reveal massive election fraud, hundreds of thousands of ballots Unverified
Law college paper detailing the 2020 election fraud PLAN Unverified
President Trump Tweets a Troubling Video Allegedly Showing Gifts for Voting Unverified
Statistician Reveals How Pennsylvania Democrats Used Fake Voter Registration Unverified
UPS, FedEx warn they cannot carry ballots like U.S. Postal Service Unverified
John Oliver outlines severe flaws in voting machines used in the United States Unverified
2nd Twitter Video with Chinese to Order US Election Ballots Unverified
Twitter video of a Chinese order of 2020 US Election Ballots Unverified
Patrick Byrne via a video lays out the statistical and data evidence Unverified
War Games Proj Dec ‘19 then renamed Transition Integrity Project-dated June 2020 p2 Unverified
War Games Proj Dec ‘19 then renamed Transition Integrity Project-dated June 2020 p1 Unverified
5:20 Possible Fraud Through Ballots Unverified
13:15 Data Represents Hard Evidence Unverified
14:15 Questionable Methods for Recounts Unverified
10:22 Discovered Fraud Could Flip States Unverified
6:50 Tactics Repeated Across States Unverified
8:00 What Vote Fraud Data Shows Us Unverified
2:40 Disguising PO Boxes as Apartments Unverified
Parent co. of Dominion received 400 Mil from ChiComs 10/8/20. Unverified
Eric Coomer sales presentation on Dominion Voting Machine to Pennsylvania Unverified
Dominion contractor has ballots on thumb drive weeks before election Unverified
Were Dominion machines rigged? Unverified
Voting machines are susceptible to occasional random bit flips due Unverified
Dominion ownership tree Unverified
WATCH LIVE… USPS WHISTLEBLOWERS COME FORWARD: Driver Delivered Hundreds of Thous Unverified
Kids able to hack replica state voting at the DEFCON 26 mtg in 2018 Unverified
Dominion Contractor. There is an avenue for fraud. Unverified
Donald Trump won the election, everybody's saying it Unverified
Possible antifa spotted tampering with ballots. Unverified
In 2017 CNN Examines Voting Machine Vulnerabilities Unverified
Votes illegally paid for Unverified
154m votes for Pres, US Dept Census 2019 shows 157.5m registered Unverified
Scytl Bulletin: 2019 EU Election Night Reporting - Servers in Frankfurt Germany Unverified
Eric Coomer Anti Trump Lashout Unverified
Dominion Employee uploading fraudulatnt ballots from USB Unverified
Dominion employee uploading fraudulant ballots Unverified
False claims of fraud flood news outlets Unverified
Trump encourages voters to illegally vote twice Unverified
3D map illustrating depth of election fraud to an average American Unverified
Dominion paid Barr $1.2 million in cash, another $1.1 million in stock awards, Unverified
Proof that the Democratic Party planned in advance the election fraud. Unverified
2015: Smartmatic Founders w/ Maduro on Venezuelan Diplomatic Trip to China Unverified
Smartmatic Chairman admits in 2015 that they license Dominion IP. Unverified
President of Ghana Unverified
Eric Coomer's Ties With Antifa (Video) Unverified
Evidence Unverified
the Constitution says only white men are allowed to vote Unverified
Exhibit 6 to Schedule A Michigan QVF Export File Format Unverified
Exhibit 5 to Schedule A Sample Ballots and Reports Dominion Voting Systems Unverified
Support Diebold trying to hide B'43 donations, Why? wiki tracker. wired caught Unverified
Diebold (ES&S) connected to DVS (Dominion) Part 2: Obama/Sequoia Urosevich/Scytl Unverified
Diebold (ES&S) connected to DVS (Dominion) Part 1 - mergers and acquisitions Unverified
10-30-20 Jill Stein won court case to examine ESS (Dominion) SourceCode Unverified
Fraud Documents List Unverified
Fake Ballots printed in China Unverified
Active Internet connections potentially influencing election software Unverified
Jose Moreno
[email protected]
Fraction Magic - Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration (Gems/Dominion) Unverified
Air Force General Exposes CIA Vote Hacking Unverified
Recorded Call 5 Million ILLEGAL Ballots Secretly Printed In CHINA. Unverified
Concerning Mr Sean Shine of Paragon group and Mr Peter Holmes of Scytl.
The two mentioned worked together at Accenture for years.
You're gonna want to see this Unverified
Link to Chinese Ballot Fraud Unverified
Obama tied to election corruption Unverified
4 years of evidence gathering on the Deepstate Global Cabal Unverified
Smartmatic in Philippines 4 Unverified
Smartmatic in Philippines 3 hash code shows they can access voting machines Unverified
Smartmatic in Philippines 2 Unverified
Four anomalous vote dumps changed everything Unverified
DOMINION SLIPS and says they made damn f*U*ing sure Trump did not win Unverified
Dominion ties to Eric Holder, Mueller, Biden, Obama, Soros, Clintons, Canada Unverified
Election tampering televised nationally on CNN Unverified
Mail voter registration stuck in Customs clearance nearly 30 days later Unverified
Email from Mackler to Brazille and Soros_fixing machines Unverified
Fraud in WI, MI and GA Unverified
11/24/2020 Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions (42 min) Unverified
Pattern of fraud: 6000 or 4800 vote drops for Biden Unverified
Vote totals don't match candidate percentages Unverified
Bayer-Groth zero knowledge test proved Scytl voting flawed in SwissPost doc Unverified
Tech expert uses downloadable Dominion voting machine manual to manipulate votes Unverified
Scytl trapdoor committment scheme allows votes to be altered without detection Unverified
Carolyn Maloney investigates ownership Smartmatic in 2006 CFIUS Unverified
Carolyn Maloney investigating ownership of Smartmatic in 2006 Unverified
Biden Implicated In Dominion Voting Scam Unverified
NBC News - voting machine concerns Unverified
an other professor says can hack easily the dominion system Unverified
under 2 minutes to change votes without tools to dominion voting machines Unverified
Testimony Dominion Voting System is very easy to hack! Unverified
2006 video from HBO about vote hacking and tampering in the USA Unverified
Roundup of Election Fraud News Unverified
2019: defcon found Dominion Voting Machine has major vulnerability. Unverified
Sequoia Machines Count More Votes than Voters 2009 Unverified
How Tampered and Deleted Votes are Counted by Dominion Unverified
Dominion Employees Delete LinkeIn Profiles Unverified
Smartmatic Is NatSec Threat - Democrat Congresswoman Admits In 2006 Letter Unverified
UPSP post office attack Unverified
Dominion Associated with Clinton Foundatiuon's 'Global Initiative' Unverified
Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Unverified
George Soros arrested in Philadelphia for election interference. Unverified
one minute to hack access to voting machines to change count Unverified
1:41:30-144:18 - Trump, Biden lose votes on Fox Election Night Coverage Unverified
Global Study of Remote Voting Fraud (JR Lott) Unverified
Pilger, DOJ election crimes boss,, resigns Unverified
Dominion Vote Machine Labeled "Fragile and error-prone" 2019 Unverified
Dominion Manual - Overdide Procedure Unverified
CNN acknowledges Dominion and Smartmatic have been involved in election rigging. Unverified
Study: Quantifying Illegal Votes Cast by Non-Citizens in the Battleground States Unverified
Alarming evidence with corruption but Dominion et al Unverified
Email thread w/ Coomer in 2009, info about Sequoia internet capabilities Unverified
Jake Braun interviewed August,2017 by CNN business. Demonstrates and warns. Unverified
Twittere Execs' Long History of Trump Hatred Unverified
Military Ballot Return via Email Open to Fraud. Unverified
Debate Commission Member Tied to Transititon Integrity Project, Soros, CCP Unverified
Biden Camp Issues Warning that Polls are Wrong Unverified
Voting inaccuracies are nothing new Unverified
7 states allow anone to alter/cancel a ballot using Name, DOB Unverified
FBI appoints questionable election officers Unverified
USPS fails to meet federal judge's deadline Unverified
Ballot Tampering Volunteer Caught On Local News Livestream Unverified
Middle of the night ballot delivery Unverified
Judicial Watch Finds 1.8 Million ‘Ghost Voters’ Unverified
Multiple Fraud Links Unverified
Proof of Connection with Dominion/Soros-Tide Canada/Clinton Unverified
Biden won thousands of illegal votes by noncitizens, study shows Unverified
Circumstantial Evidence of Biden Impossible Outcome Unverified
NCSL is not constitutionally authorized to establish election-specific policies. Unverified
Massive Election Interference Unverified
Elizabeth Warren investigating ownership of Dominion in 2019 Unverified
Dominion Exec Lets It Slip:Software Switched Votes From One Candidate to Another Unverified
Bill Gates, Microsoft Designed Election Fraud Software Used By Dominion Unverified
CIA & DARPA have been funding and running NewsGuard & ElectionGuard Unverified
Dominion Same floor=Tides, directed Soros cash to advance globalist agenda Unverified
Dominion Machines Can Print Ballot –Cannot Differentiate From Hand Marked Ballot Unverified
13% of Biden voters: would NOT have voted for him had they known about Hunter Unverified
DeForest Soaries witnesses forced $2bil payment from Congress 2008 Unverified
Klobuchar and Warren wrote letters criticizing Dominion Unverified
Scytl being used EVERYWHERE Unverified
Excel file comparing 2016 data to 2020 Unverified
Groundwork for election fraud was found as far back as 2016 Unverified
Democrat leaders complaints of election fraud with vote switching etc. Unverified
Edilmo Palencia, AI engineer, Microsoft-links Smartmatic->HAAT->Dominion Unverified
Voter Irregularities to Date Unverified
Admission of Voting Machine Hacking by Gov't - pg. 40 Unverified
U.S. Allegiance Institute amicus curiae brief filed in LAITY v. HARRIS Unverified
Philippines Elections with Smartmatic Software Yield Irregularities Unverified
Bolivia 2019 Mirrors US 2020 complaints Unverified
Credible account from Dominion employee on how the machines were used to defraud Unverified
Smartmatic CEO Admitting Fraud Publicly Unverified
Hatred for all Unverified
NYT Edison Data Stream Link Unverified
Additional Biden Votes Laundered Through Third Party by software in all states Unverified
Investigative reporting that locates possible bad actors involved Unverified
Former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck witness as poll watcher Detroit Unverified
Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) Unverified
Data expert shows how votes were moved to 3rd party then Biden Unverified
Pelosi "confident" Biden will be elected "whatever the end count is" - Oct 29 Unverified
Dominion VP warned in 2016 that the systems are manipulable Unverified
A data analysis finds discrepancies in election results over time Unverified
Dominion is owned and tied to international elites and high-profile politicians Unverified
Eric Croomer from Dominion claimed that he’d fixed the system so Biden win Unverified
2018 NYT on how easily electronic voting machines can be hacked Unverified
Trump is trying to steal the election Unverified
Key figure controlling Smartmatic Vote Fraud Software Related to Soros Unverified
Court documents 2016 RE: Sequoia Bankruptcy/Smartmatic voting Unverified
Irrefutable evidence of vote count manipulation by vote counting/reporting SW. Unverified
Dominion had portable ballot printing machines available for purchase Unverified
Dominion had portable ballot printing machines available Unverified
Serbian development team for dominion voting systems Unverified
Serbian creators of Scorecard for Dominion VS traced Unverified
I think we’ll find he had at least 80 million votes Unverified
Method of Operations Unverified
Regarding anaylsis of Dominion/Premier EMS Systems Affidavit. Votes as points Unverified
Sabotage of Postal Service Unverified
Been archiving some. Likely have many but hopefully a few you don't. Unverified
Dominion in Brazil rigged this last weekend 11/15/2020 elections Unverified
AFFIDAVIT: How Smartmatic Voting Machines Were Designed To Steal US Elections Unverified
Why 2020 US Election Votes Were Counted By A Bankrupted Spanish Company Scytl Unverified
INVESTIGATION: How Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems Rig The US Elections 2020 Unverified
Unidentified person stealing votes at gunpoint Unverified
US Election Assistance Commission's guidelines require signatures checks Unverified
DNA Proof Election Was Rigged Unverified
Multiple Nationwider Ballot Crimes Unverified
There is no voter fraud Unverified
Unidentified men emptying mail in ballot boxes Unverified
Bags of ballots found dumped in field Unverified
Election Crimes Branch of the DOJ Criminal Division headed by anti-GOP R. Pilfer Unverified
Voting Machines easily manipulated to switch votes. Unverified
Search results manipulation and impropriety Unverified
Democrat Senators Against Dominion in 2019 Unverified
Election Irregularities Unverified
Dominion used software developers from Serbia Unverified
Dominion Confirms Clinton Foundation Donation, Pelosi Staffer Link Unverified
Smartmatic Voting featured Obama using their machines in marketing promos Unverified
Votes switching in real time on election night on CNN Unverified
Windows covered, observers denied, campaign material on polling buildings, etc. Unverified
Why are The Trafalgar & Rasmussen Polls So Different From Polls MSM Puts Out? Unverified
Google Searches For ‘Election Fraud Punishment’ Surged In MI PA & AZ B4 Election Unverified
Time Seri Analysis: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud Unverified
Reports Indicate Fraud Much Higher W/ Mail-In Ballots Than In-Person Voting Unverified
Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States? Unverified
Fox News Host Rolls Out List of Deceased People Who Cast Ballot in US Election Unverified
Sidney Powell Claims 450,000 Key State Ballots w/ a Vote Only For Biden Unverified
Sudden infusions of votes for Biden seems to be a common pattern Unverified
Congressman: Foreign company had evidence of 'vote switching' Unverified
Smartmatic Linked to Alleged Fraud in Philippine and Venezuela Elections Unverified
Smartmatic CEO admitting 1 million votes fabricated in Venezuelan elections Unverified
Citizens were told mail-in voting would be a transparent process, it hasn't been Unverified
experts warn congress of mail in ballot fraud Unverified
Are We Allowed to Talk About These Statistical Anomalies From 2020 Election? Unverified
Mysterious Ballot Dumps Unverified
Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs Unverified
analysis shows irregularities in down ballot votes across swing states Unverified
Dem-run cities STOP counting votes on Election Day Unverified
Joe Biden chief of staff Ron Klain says "Yes, Elections are rigged" Unverified
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT engineer, says election statistics point to fraud. Unverified
Granular County Level Postal Ballot Data Can Show If Fraud Happened Unverified
Biden bragging of extensive and inclusive voter fraud Unverified
Dominion Engineer admitted he would make sure Trump Lost Unverified
Facebook: Conflict of Interest, Possible Election Manipulation Unverified
Hacker Gains Full Admin Access on Voting Machine in Under Two Minutes Unverified
Statistical Anomalies in Biden Votes, Analyses Indicate Unverified
Rod Blagojevich: Dems Widespread Voter Fraud “Never Seen It On Such A Magnitude” Unverified
Woman Who Voted For Trump In Texas Shocked To Find She Also Voted Via Mail-In Unverified
Confessions of Voter Fraud: How the Sausage is Made Unverified
DELIAN project Estimated Total Value $2,250,000 Unverified
Voter fraud whistleblowers in Nevada, Pennsylvania come forward Unverified
Hardware of Democracy 5.5 systems connected to the internet Unverified
nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems connected to internet Unverified
Foreign Interference: votes routed to Barcelona & Frankfurt b4 being reported Unverified
Election voting machine code is very suspect Unverified
Big data fraud professionals find statistical evidence of voter fraud Unverified
Biden did NOT underperform Hillary in all but 6 cities Unverified
Belleweather counties predict winner is not Biden, but Trump Unverified
Biden absentee ballot win percentage anomalous in MI, PA Unverified
Biden under performed Hillary in every city but 6 Unverified
VIDEO statistical case of vote irregularities Unverified
Steve Cortes makes the statistical case for irregularities Unverified
It is important that people understand the complex form of fraud explained here. Unverified
Summary of numerous suspicious data Unverified

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